Dynamics of Galaxies

scientific conference
Dynamics of Galaxies
Scientific Programme

Monday August 6

09:00 Registration

09:30 Welcome/announcements

09:40A.Toomre.Overview of modern galactic dynamics
10:25S.White.Overview of LCDM

11:10 Coffee

11:40M.Steinmetz.LCDM predictions for galaxy halos & visible components
12:10J.Bullock.Dynamical effects of continuing dark halo growth|
12:40O.Gnedin.How small can galaxies be?

13:00 Lunch

14:30B.Moore.Dynamics of the galactic mass function
15:00J.Chaname et al.Modelling discrete velocity data: characterizing the dark halos of Local Group dE galaxies
15:20P.Amram.Dark matter distribution in nearby galaxies

15:40 Tea/coffee

16:10L.Sparke.Dark halo shapes
16:40G.Besla et al.The dynamics of the Magellanic Clouds and Stream as probes of the Milky way halo
17:10E.Vorobyov. C.Theis.The Boltzmann moment equation approach for the dynamics of galactic stellar disks

17:30 Party

Tuesday August 7

09:30R.Davies.A new paradigm for early-type galaxies
10:00V.Antonov.Stability of ellipticals
10:30M.Valluri et al.Evolution of phase-space density in galaxy mergers

10:50 Coffee

11:20R.Sunyaev.Relation of galaxy formation to BH growth
12:10N.Gnedin.Galactic dynamics around AGN
12:30G.Bisnovatyi-Kogan, M.Merafina.Dynamic and thermodynamic stability of relativistic stellar clusters
12:50R.Spurzem et al.Post-newtonian dynamics in dense stellar systems

13:10 Lunch

14:40A.Helmi.Dynamics of substructure
15:10M.Arnaboldi et al.The kinematics of intracluster planetary nebulae and ongoing subcluster merger in the Coma cluster core
15:30A.Tutukov et al.Formation of supermassive cD galaxies in framework of N-body problem
15:50S.Pustilnik et al.High redshift mergers under a microscope: local very metal-poor, very gas-rich templates

16:10 Tea/coffee

16:40H.-W.Rix.Constraints from Tully-Fisher law and fundamental plane

17:10 Beer break

17:20 Discussion of LCDM


Wednesday August 8

09:30O.Gerhard.Limits from the Galaxy
10:00K.Freeman.Limits from bar and spiral structure dynamics
10:30A.Knebe.Defense of LCDM

11:00 Coffee

11:00H.S.Zhao.Critical tests for MOND/TeVeS
12:00R.Sancisi.Dynamical puzzles
12.20D.Pfenniger.When quantum physics meets gravitational physics: the forgotten role of neutrinos

12:45 Lunch

14:30V.Korchagin.Global modes in gravitating disks
15:00E.Polyachenko.Unified theory of bar formation
15:20A.Moiseev.The kinematics of galactic rings

15:40 Tea/coffee

16:10J.Sellwood.Transient spiral waves
16:40A.Zasov, A.Khoperskov.Stellar velocity dispersions in disks of galaxies
17:00F.Kenn et al.Analysis of gaseous arms in spiral galaxies

17:20 Beer break

17:30 Discussion of spiral structure theory

Thursday August 9

09:00A.Ferguson.Growth of outer disks
09:30O.Sil'chenko.Observational signatures of secular evolution
10:00G.Jozsa et al.Warps in galactic disks
10:20O.Merkulova et al.Peculiar galaxies with stellar polar rings
10:40L.Shalyapina et al.Rotation curves of polar ring galaxies

11:00 Visit to Peterhof

19:00 Banquet

Friday August 10

09:30J.Einasto.Kuzmin and astronomy in Estonia
10:00L.Ossipkov.Kuzmin's impact on stellar dynamics
10:30S.Kutuzov.Kuzmin's superposition method of galactic modelling

11:00 Coffee

11:30L.Athanassoula.Formation of spiral arms and rings in barred galaxies
11:55E.Corsini.Constraining the dark matter distribution in the center of early-type barred galaxies
12:15W.Maciejewski.Regular motions in oscillating potentials of double bars
12:35J.Shen, V.Debattista.Long-lived pulsating double bars from N-body simulations

13:00 Lunch

14:30V.Debattista.M2M modelling
15:00N.Sotnikova.Some aspects of N-body modelling
15:30S.Rodionov, V.Orlov.Construction of equilibrium phase models for stellar systems. Iterative method

15:50 Tea/coffee

16:20J.Binney.GAIA and dynamical modelling of the Milky Way
16:40G.Gontcharov.Complete 3D distribution of luminous stars based 2MASS and Tycho2

17:00 Close