Dynamics of Galaxies

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Dynamics of Galaxies

L.Athanassoula et al. Building blocks for the formation of spiral arms and rings in barred galaxies
J.Binney Modelling for Gaia
J.Chaname et al. dE galaxies of the Local Group. Modeling discrete velocity datasets
E.M.Corsini et al. Constraining the dark matter distribution in the centre of early-type barred galaxies
J.Einasto Grigori Kuzmin and astronomy in Estonia
O.Gerhard Baryonic and Dark Mass in the Milky Way
N.Gnedin Galactic Dynamics Around AGN: Going Down The Drain
O.Gnedin How small can galaxies be?
G.Gontcharov Complete 3D distribution of luminous stars based on 2MASS and Tycho2
A.Helmi Dynamics of substructures: On survivors and debris
G.Jozsa et al. Warps in Galactic Disks
F.Kenn et al. Analysis of gaseous arms in spiral galaxies
A.Knebe Defense of Lambda-CDM
V.Korchagin et al. Global modes in gravitating disks (movies in zip archive)
S.A.Kutuzov Kuzmin’s superposition method of galactic modelling
W.Maciejewski Regular motions in oscillating potentials of double bars
O.Merkulova et al. Peculiar galaxies UGC 5119 and NGC 2748 — galaxies with stellar polar rings?
A.Moiseev The kinematics of galactic rings
D.Pfenniger When Stellar Dynamics Meets Quantum Physics
S.Pustilnik et al. High-redshift mergers under a microscope: local very metal-poor, very gas-rich templates
S.A.Rodionov et al. The construction of equilibrium phase models for stellar systems. Iterative method
R.Sancisi Dynamical puzzles
J.A.Sellwood Transient Spiral Waves in Disk Galaxies
O.K.Sil’chenko Observational signatures of secular evolution
N.Ya.Sotnikova Some aspects of N-body modelling
L.Sparke Dark halo shapes
M.Steinmetz et al. LCDM predictions for galaxy halos and visible components
A.Tutukov et al. Formation of supermassive cD-galaxies in the framework of N-body problem (movies in zip archive)
M.Valluri Relaxation Processes in Collisionless Mergers and Evolution of Phase Space Density
E.Vorobyov et al. The Boltzmann moment equation approach for the dynamics of galactic stellar disks (movies in zip archive)
S.White The Dynamics of Cold Dark Matter
A.V.Zasov et al. Stellar velocity dispersion in discs of galaxies
I.L.Zhogin Extra-solar scale change in Newton’s Law: R2-gravity and extra-dimension