Dynamics of Galaxies

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Dynamics of Galaxies

A.A.Bashakov Constructing self-consistent galactic models by Schwarzschild’s method
G.Besla et al. The Dynamics of the Magellanic Clouds and the Implications for the Milky Way’s Halo
P. E.Bett et al. Spin Properties of Dark Matter Halos in the Millennium Simulation
E.M.Corsini et al. Constraning the dak matter distribution in centre of early-type barred galaxies
V.P.Debattista et al. chi-2 M2M modelling: a progress report
G.Gontcharov Complete 3D distribution of luminous stars based on 2MASS and Tycho2
E.K.S.Hicks et al. Kinematics of Stars and Gas in the Central 100 pc of AGN
G.Jozsa et al. Warps in Galactic Disks
F.Kenn et al. Analysis of gaseous arms in spiral galaxies
A.V.Khoperskov et al. The numerical simulations of galactic disks using SuperBox
A.Knebe Defense of ΛCDM
A.Kniazev et al. Ring Galaxies and Dark Matter Haloes
A.S.Kondratyev et al. Diffusion of supermassive black holes in galactic nuclei
B.P.Kondratyev Escape star with parabolic velocity from inhomogeneous spherical stellar system
F.G.Kopylova et al. Structure and Dynamics of the Ursa Major Supercluster of Galaxies
V.Korchagin et al. Application of the global modal approach to spiral galaxies
S.A.Kutuzov Kuzmin's superposition method of galactic modelling
I.K.Rozgacheva et al. Convection model of the cooling flows in rich clusters of galaxies
S.A.Kutuzov State self-gravitating Galaxy model with two-axial velocity distribution
I.Martinez-Valpuesta et al. Barred galaxies and Boxy/Peanut bulges. Evolution from the simulations point of view
M.N.Maksumov et al. On the general morphology and dynamics of near-by normal spirals
A.Moiseev The kinematics of galactic rings
A.Moiseev et al. Stellar kinematics of round elliptical galaxies
I.I.Nikiforov On a Source of Systematic Error in Absolute Measurement of Galactocentric Distance from Solving for the Stellar Orbit Around Sgr A*
I.I.Nikiforov et al. Problem of Spatially-Kinematic Modelling Open Cluster System of the Galaxy
V.V.Orlov et al. Binary pulsars as tests of Galactic models
Z.Jiang et al. Two-integral distribution functions for prolate Jaffe models
L.P.Ossipkov Relaxation Time for Homogeneous Gravitating Star Systems
A.A.Raikov Cosmological fractal negative acceleration
A.A.Raikov et al. On the boundaries of applicability of the virial theorem to the galaxy systems
N.V.Raspopova et al. Orbits in various models of galactic gravitational field
S.A.Rodionov et al. The construction of equilibrium phase models for stellar systems. Iterative method
M. Romero-Gomez et al. Dynamics of the invariant manifolds around the hyperbolic equilibrium points in barred galaxies
M.V.Ryabova Modelling of mass-metallicity relation for dwarf galaxies
K.Saha Towards a unified picture of m=1 asymmetries in spiral galaxies: warps and lopsidedness
R.B.Shatsova et al. The probable addresses of the dark matter
R. Shatsova et al. Asymmetry of the Local Stellar System
O.K.Sil’chenko Observational signatures of secular evolution
A.A.Smirnova et al. Connection of AGN phenomena with disk dynamic pecularities in Mrk334
M.Steinmetz et al. LCDM predictions for galaxy halos & visible components
P.A.Tarakanov et al. Population synthesis of subsystem of open clusters in the Galaxy
E.A.Vasiliev et al. Dark matter dynamics in Galactic centre
M.Vogelsberger The fine-grained Phase Space Structure of Dark Matter Halos