Dynamics of Galaxies

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Dynamics of Galaxies

  • V.Antonov, A.Baranov, V.Pashkevish, V.Sokolov. Effect of electric disturbance on the state of the homogeneous interstellar medium with magnetic field.
  • V.A.Antonov, O.A.Zheleznyak, A.A.Tereshchenko. Determination of closed orbits around axisymmetric rotating galaxies by the energy method.
  • V.Avila-Reese, C.Maulbetsch, P.Colin, S.Gottloeber. The growth and properties of galaxy LCDM halos in different environments.
  • A.Baranov. Study of models of galaxies slightly departing from a spherical state.
  • A.Bashakov. Construction of self-consistent galactic models by Schwarzschild's method.
  • P.Berczik et al. Special, hardware accelerated, parallel SPH code for galaxy evolution.
  • P.Bett et al. Spins and shapes of dark matter halos.
  • V.Bobylev. Structure and kinamatics of the Gould Belt complex.
  • V.Bobylev, A.Bajkova. Kinematics of the Scorpius-Centaurus OB association.
  • V.Bobylev, A.Bajkova, S.Lebedeva. Parameters of Galactic rotation from data on open star clusters.
  • T.Chatterjee. The prefered state for dynamical processes in mergers.
  • E.Dalla Bonta. Mass estimation of supermassive black holes in brightest cluster galaxies.
  • K.Fathi, J.Beckmann. Disk formation and evolution from two-dimensional kinematics.
  • R.Feldmann, L.Mayer, C.M.Carollo. Dry tidal features in elliptical galaxies originating from interactions with disks.
  • E.Griv. Secular evolution of gravitationally unstable disk galaxies.
  • E.Griv, M.Gedalin, E.Liverts. A note on angular momentum transport in astrophysical disks.
  • L.Hao. AGN population in Luminous Red Galaxies.
  • A.Helmi. The dynamics of dwarf galaxies in th Local Group.
  • X.Hernandez et al. Empirical distributions of galactic lambda spin parameters from the SDSS.
  • E.Hicks. Kinematics of stars and gas in the central 100 pc of AGN.
  • E.Iodice et.al. Dark matter conteny in the polar disk galaxy NGC 4650A.
  • P.Ivanov, J.Papaloizou. Tidal circularisation of white dwarfs and formation of sources of gravitational radiation in globular clusters containing an intermediate mass black hole.
  • N.Ivanova et al. Population synthesis of subsystem of open clusters in the Galaxy.
  • Z.Jiang, L.Ossipkov. Two-integral distribution functions for prolate Jaffe models of galaxies.
  • A.Khoperskov et al. The numerical simulations of unstable modes in a collisionless disk.
  • A.Knebe. Backsplash galaxies, a new poulation in the outskirts of galaxy clusters?
  • A.Kniazev, N.Brosch. Ring galaxies and dark matter haloes.
  • B.Kondratyev. Escape star with parabolic velocity from homogeneous spherical stellar system.
  • A.Kondratyev, V.Orlov. Diffusion of sypermassive black holes in galactic nuclei.
  • F.Kopylova, A.Kopylov. Structure and dynamics of the Ursa Major supercluster of galaxies.
  • G.Kuzmin, S.Kutuzov. Steady self-gravitating Galaxy model with two-axial velocity distribution.
  • M.Maksumov, F.Sakhibov. On the general morphology and dynamics of nearby normal spirals.
  • I.Martinez-Valpuesta. Barred spirals and boxy/peanut bulges. Evolution from simulations point of view.
  • A.Moiseev, M.Baes, O.Sil'chenko. Stellar kinematics of round elliptical galaxies.
  • J.MyongWon, K.Sungsoo, H.Ann. Formation and maintenance of galactic warps in triaxial haloes.
  • I.Nikiforov. On a source of systematic error in absolute measurement of galactocentric distance from solving for the stellar orbit around Sgr A*.
  • I.Nikiforov, E.Kazakevich. Problem of spatially-kinamatic modelling of open cluster system of our Galaxy.
  • S.Ninkovi'c, Z.Cvetkovi'c. Surface density for the Kuzmin models.
  • S.Ninkovi'c, S.Vidojevi'c, B.Jovanovi'c. A study of galactocentric orbits for a given potential.
  • S.Oh et al. Physical properties of tidally induced spiral density waves.
  • C.de Oliveira. Dynamics of galaxies in dense groups.
  • V.Orlov et al. Binary pulsars as tests of Galactic models.
  • L.Ossipkov. Relaxation time for homogeneous gravitating star systems.
  • A.A.Raikov. Cosmological fractal negative accelerations.
  • A.A.Raikov, V.V.Orlov. On the boundaries of applicability of the virial theorem to galaxy systems.
  • N.Rangwala, T.Williams, V.Debattista. Stellar binematics of the Galactic bar using Fabry-Perot absorption line spectroscopy.
  • N.Raspopova, S.Kutuzov. Orbits in various models of galactic gravitational field.
  • V.P.Reshetnikov. On the space density of polar ring galaxies.
  • M.Romero-Gomez. Dynamics of the invariant manifolds around the hyperbolic equilibrium points in barred galaxies.
  • I.Rosgacheva, I.Kuvshinova. Convection model of the cooling flows in rich clusters of galaxies.
  • M.Ryabova. Modelling mass-metallicity relation for dwarf galaxies.
  • K.Saha. Towards an unified picture of m=1 asymmetries in spiral galaxies: warps and lopsidedness.
  • R.Shatsova, G.Anisimova. The probable addresses of the dark matter.
  • R.Shatsova, M.Gozha. Asymmetry of the Local Stellar System.
  • J.Siegal-Gaskins, M.Valluri. Using tidal streams to probe the dark matter distribution in the Galaxy.
  • L.V.Smirnova. Adiabatic invariants for Gould's Belt.
  • A.Smirnova, A.Moiseev. Connection of phenomenon of active nucleus with disk dynamics pecularties.
  • N.Snytnikov et al. Numerical approximation of equilibrium self-gravitating collisionless disk.
  • V.Snytnikov et al. Gravitational instability of a center-body gas-star disk.
  • R.Spurzem, J.Fuestas. Time-dependent 2-integral models of axisymmetric, rotating star clusters.
  • A.Stepanishchev, V.Bobylev. Analysis of the spatial velocities of the Hyades open cluster and the Sco-Cen association obtained by different methods.
  • C.Tonini. Angular momentum transfer and phase-space evolution of DM halos.
  • E.Vasiliev. Dark matter dynamics in centers of galaxies.
  • E.Vilkoviskij. AGN subsystems and evolution.
  • M.Vogelsberger. The fine-grained phase-space stucture of dark matter halos.
  • E.Vorobyov et al. Dynamical mixing of heavy elements in LSB galaxies as an indicator of their ages.
  • P.Weilbacher. Dynamics of interacting galaxies from IFU observations.
  • V.Zakhozhay. The calculation results of first fragments number which have been formed in the selected stellar systems.
  • O.A.Zheleznyak, B.S.Cozack. The influence of a dust on the evolution of self-gravitating systems.
  • I.Zhogin. Extra-Solar scale change in Newton's Law: R^2 gravity and extra dimension.

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