Geometric control theory and analysis on metric structures
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The conference is organized by the Geometric Control Theory Laboratory of the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics (SB RAS) in the frame of the grant "Geometric Control Theory and Analysis on Metric structures". The conference will take place on August 3—8, 2014, at the Lake Baikal.

Geometric control theory naturally describes mathematical models of various applied problems, mainly in physics, technology and economics. Arising complicated problems lead to necessity of creation of new fundamental concepts of (sub)riemannian geometry and geometric analysis, and inventing new methods to solve them. The aim of the event is to bring researches, working in the mentioned and related domains, to report recent progress and discuss further challenging problems in the fields with the purpose to formulate them for young participants also. As a satellite meeting to ICM2014 we want to provide an opportunity for both experts and young researches from different countries to discuss their results and to start new collaborations.

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Major dates:

May 1: The last day to register for participation for those who need visa.

June 1: The last day to register for participation. Please, note that the number of rooms in the center is limited, so we can not guarantee accommodation after this date.

June 15: The last day to send the abstract of the talk.

August 3: Conference starts.

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