Развитие научного наследия А. Р. Лурия в отечественной и мировой  психологи
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Третья Международная научно-практическая конференция
Развитие научного наследия А. Р. Лурия в отечественной и мировой психологи

The 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference in A.R. Luria’s Commemoration

“Development of Luria’s Scientific Heritage in the Native and World Psychology”

October 10 - 12 2007


Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University,
Faculty of Psychology
Belgorod State University,
Faculty of Psychology
Psychology Institute of Russian Academy of Education
Psychology Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences
Public Health Office of Belgorod region
Education and Science Office of Belgorod region

invite you to take part in the 3rd Scientific and Practical Conference in A.R. Luria’s Commemoration “Development of Luria’s Scientific Heritage in the Native and World Psychology” that will be held on October 10 - 12 2007 in Belgorod.
The first two conferences commemorating the outstanding psychologist A.R. Luria were held in 1997 and 2002 by Faculty of Psychology of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and drew a wide scientific response. Authors from 31 countries of Europe, Asia and America as well as from 37 cities of Russia provided their works for the conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Alexander Romanovich Luria that were published in a collection of summaries of about 500 scientific works.
This testifies to vital importance and fruitfulness of A.R. Luria’s theory, influence of his ideas on the development of psychology in our country and abroad. At the first conference it was decided to hold regular (every five years) meetings of scholars from different countries united by their adherence to A.R. Luria’s ideas and contributing to their development.
The participants of the second conference made a suggestion to expand the geography of the meetings what served as a reason for choosing a new conference venue – Faculty of Psychology of Belgorod State University as one of the centres in Russia that support and promote A.R. Luria’s ideas.
The Chairman of the Program Committee - Prof. A.Sh. Tkhostov (Moscow)
Vice-Chairman of the Program Committee – Associate Prof. M.S. Kovyazina (Moscow)

The Chairman of the Organizational Committee – Prof. V.A. Moskvin (Belgorod)
Vice-Chairman of the Organizational Committee – Prof. М.К. Kabardov (Moscow)

Main conference sections:
1. A.R. Luria and cultural and historical psychology.
2. Applied aspects of modern neuropsychology.
3. Neuropsychological and neurocognitive approach to the study of psychological and behavioural disorders.
4. Neuropsychology of disorders and deviations of higher mental functions in normal and pathological state on different age levels.
4. Neuropsychological rehabilitation and correction.
5. Neuropsychology of individual differences.
6. A.R. Luria and modern psychophysiology.

Registration of the conference participants and more detailed information are available on: http://agora.guru.ru/Luria-2007

Conference participation
The Program Committee proposes the conference participation in the form of an oral report, a stand report at plenary and sectional sessions as well as providing a report summary for the conference collection without its oral presentation.
Conference participants whose oral or stand reports will be included in the plenary and sectional sessions according to the decision of the Program Committee will receive additional letters indicating the date of their report presentation.
We welcome all comers to the conference no matter whether they have reports and summaries or not.
One author can submit only one summary. In a collective summary the name of one author can be presented foremost only once.
Applications for the conference participation and summaries are submitted on-line. First, the applicants are required to register on the website: http://agora.guru.ru/Luria-2007 and then submit their summaries no later than June 15 2007.

Requirements to the summary layout:
1. In the electronic summary layout Microsoft Word is used; Times New Roman font; twelve-point type; 1.5 spacing. Right margin - 1 cm, top and bottom page margins - 2 сm, left margin – 2.5 сm.
2. The summary amount should not exceed 3200 symbols with intersymbol spaces what corresponds to 1.5 pages of text (Format А 4). The title of report is typed on the top centre of the page in capital letters. Next but one line spacing below in small letters - author’s initials and surname, and next but one line spacing – e-mail (italics, half-bold type). Next line: country (capital letters, half-bold type), city (small letters, half-bold type) and institution. Next but one line spacing the article text should follow, it cannot contain pictures, tables, diagrams or lists of literature.

Ivanova S.А.
e-mail: IvanovaS@mail.ru

The Program Committee reserves the right to select materials for publication. Additional requirements (organization fee, hotel reservation etc.) will be indicated on the website of the conference.

Plenary and sectional sessions, afternoon lectures, masterclasses and scientific work competitions among post-graduate students and young scholars will be held during the conference (according to the topics of the sections). A television space bridge Belgorod (Russia) – San Diego (USA) will be arranged with Prof. Michael Coal’s participation. The conference program will include exhibition of psychodiagnostic and psychophysiological equipment. The cultural program is also scheduled.

Address of the Program Committee:
Postal address: Moscow, 103009, Mokhovaya Str. 11, Block 5, Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University, Department of Neuro- and Pathopsychology
Contact telephone: (495) 203 29 47
Secretary of the Program Committee – Skvortsova Vasilisa Borisovna
E-mail: kmp@psy.msu.ru

Address of the Organizational Committee:
Postal address: Belgorod, 308015, Pobeda Str. 85, Faculty of Psychology of BelSU, Department of General and Clinical Psychology
Contact telephone: (4722) 30 18 65
Secretary of the Organizational Committee – Geyman Yulia Petrovna
E-mail: Geiman@bsu.edu.ru
E-mail: Luria-2007@mail.ru

We invite you to take part in our conference and thank for your interest in advance.
Organizational Committee of the conference

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