Putting A Stars into Context: Evolution, Environment, and Related Stars
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Putting A Stars into Context: Evolution, Environment, and Related Stars
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The conference Proceedings are now available online.

The electronic version will be posted to the conference website as soon as we will have the final files in our hands. You will be informed via e-mail. The hard volumes will be published in approximately one month after that, and they will be sent out to the authors and all the registered participants via regular mail.
We are pleased to announce the international conference

Putting A Stars into Context: Evolution, Environment, and Related Stars

The conference will be held on June 3-7, 2013 at Moscow M.V. Lomonosov State University in Moscow, Russia

Physical processes such as radiative diffusion, differential gravitational settling, grain accretion, convection, magnetic fields and non-radial pulsations, which play an important role in stars of many different types, are best studied in A-type stars, where they show their most extreme manifestations. New observational results obtained in the past few years and recent theoretical advances allow us for the first time to follow the development of these processes and their evolution throughout the life of the star, before, during and after the main sequence. They also open the possibility to understand better the dependences of A-star processes on their galactic environment, and the relations of these processes with similar ones in related (mostly hotter) stars. These qualitatively new pieces of information open the possibility of gaining insight into A-star physics from a novel perspective. The proposed meeting will discuss the potential of this unprecedented approach, and its implications for our knowledge and understanding of A-type stars.


  • A-star formation: abundances and chemical peculiarities of A-type and related stars in open clusters
  • A-star formation: formation and evolution of discs and planetary systems around A-type and related stars; A-star multiplicity
  • A-star formation: magnetic field generation
  • Fundamental parameters, chemical abundances and inhomogeneities in A-type and related stars
  • Magnetic fields in Main-Sequence A-type and related stars
  • Pulsation in Main-Sequence A-type and related stars
  • Rotation and hydrodynamical processes in Main-Sequence A-type and related stars
  • Evolution of A stars off the Main Sequence: generic aspects, magnetism and dissipation of chemical peculiarities
  • Evolved A-type stars in the Galaxy and beyond

Conference poster at http://astars2013.inasan.ru/poster.jpg