Dynamical Systems: from low to infinite dimensions
Lobachevskii NSU
Dynamical Systems: from low to infinite dimensions

Dear colleagues,

we organize a conference Dynamical Systems. Theory and Applications; as a satellite to the International Congress of Mathematicians. The conference will be held in Nizhny Novgorod on July 1-5, 2022, just before the ICM which will be held in Saint Petersburg on 6-14 July, 2022.

Our conference is organized by two Nizhny Novgorod Universities - the Higher School of Economics and the Lobachevsky University.

Nizhny Novgorod is one of the oldest Russian cities and one of the oldest Russian centers of Dynamical Systems research, the birthplace of the bifurcation theory. It is located at the confluence of two great rivers and offers impressive views, as well as numerous cultural activities, museums and art galleries. It has a strong scientific tradition and homes a large number of researchers actively working on a wide spectrum of pure and applied topics of dynamics.

The meeting aims to ensure participation of world-leading experts in diverse areas of Dynamical Systems theory and applications. We also plan to attract a significant number of students and young researchers; in particular, at least partial financial support will be offered to young participants.

The main topics of the conference are:

  • Topology and dynamics;
  • Bifurcation theory;
  • Statistical properties of dynamical systems;
  • Low-dimensional dynamics;
  • Hamiltonian and reversible dynamics;
  • Chaos in multi-dimensional systems;
  • Dynamics of PDEs and extended systems.

In addition to invited plenary talks delivered by major experts in these and related topics, and parallel sessions of contributed talks, the conference will also feature two advanced mini-courses for students and interested researchers.

Scientific advisory committee:

Christian Bonatti
Sebastian Van Strien
Dmitry Treschev
Yuliy Iliyashenko
Vladlen Timorin
Viatcheslav Grines
Lev Lerman
Sergey Gonchenko
Nina Zhukova
Eugeny Zhuzhoma
Ivan Remizov

Organizing committee:
Olga Pochinka
Elena Gurevich (contact person)
Alexey Kazakov
Grigory Polotovskiy
Elena Nozdrinova,
Danila Shubin
Efrosiniya Karatetskaya

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