Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
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Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

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Abstract Guidelines

Abstract should be prepared in the computer typesetting LaTeX using the standard package. Remolded commands and expressions are not allowed. The Abstract should not be more than two pages.
It has to include

  • the title of the talk (not more than two lines),
  • the name of the author,
  • affiliation,
  • e-mail (for each of the authors),
  • the text of the abstract itself.

    The electronic version of the Abstract could be sent using the form below or by e-mail. Please title the file by your Family Name (e.g. John_Brown.tex).
    Also we kindly ask you to send us the hard or scanned copy (JPEG or PDF file) of the Abstract with the mark "FOR PUBLICATION" on the first page and the author signature nearby.

    Mail address of the Organizing Committee: "DIFF 2014", Vladimir State University, Functional Analysis and Its Applications Department, 87 Gorky st., Vladimir, Russia, 600000.
    E-mail address of the Organizing Committee: diff@vlsu.ru

    You can use the following sample for your abstracts:

    \centerline{\large\bf Title}
    \centerline{\bf Surname and initials of the author}
    \centerline{\it Organization}
    \centerline{\it email@mail.com}

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