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Mathematical modeling and supercomputer technologies
Математическое моделирование и суперкомпьютерные технологии Mathematical modeling and supercomputer technologies

On the 100th anniversary of the birth of Professor Neimark
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Yuri Isaakovich Neimark was born on November 24, 1920 in Amur-Nizhnedneprovsk, and graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Gorky State University in 1944. Here he began his scientific career as a postgraduate student under the guidance of Academician Alexander Alexandrovich Andronov. Subsequently, it was Yuri Neimark who headed Andronov's scientific school of nonlinear system dynamics.

Prof. Neimark's contribution to science and higher education is truly immense. He left a noticeable trace in the qualitative theory of differential equations, the theory of stability, the theory of adaptive and robust control, in pattern recognition, nonholonomic and gyroscopic systems mechanics, search optimization, and mathematical modeling. Yuri Neimark is the founder of the first in the USSR Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics and Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics. He was Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, laureate of the Andronov Prize of the USSR Academy of Sciences and Norbert Wiener Award, holder of the Badge of Honor Order and medals of K.E. Tsiolkovsky, A.S. Popov, V.M. Keldysh for achievements in the development of national space industry. He was awarded the gold medal "Genius of the XXI century" by the American Bibliographic Society, the International Bibliographic Center in Cambridge included him into the list of two thousand outstanding intellectuals of the planet, which is confirmed by the diploma "2000 outstanding intellectuals of the 21-st century".

Prof. Neimark's first research on the stability of linearized systems resulted in the famous D-decomposition method, which immediately became a classic scientific method featured in many textbooks on the theory of automatic regulation systems across the world. The works of Prof. Neimark and his co-authors on the dynamics of nonholonomic systems, on the problems of vibro piling and extraction, on the method of point mapping and its application in the theory of nonlinear oscillations, on controllability and observability in adaptive control systems revolutionized the modern science. He succeeded in solving some of the mathematical paradoxes that had existed in science for many decades.

Yuri Isaakovich is the author of about 600 published works, two dozens of inventions, 10 monographs, 4 of which are also published in foreign languages. His book "Mathematical models in science and technology", published in 2004 in Russian and English, was recognized in 2006 as the best educational material on exact sciences at the III Russian National competition of educational publications for higher education institutions. Professor Neimark also published over 300 papers on military and defense subjects. He supervised the work and defense of 55 Candidates and 16 Doctors of Science. Many of the students of his school became leaders of their recognized scientific schools.