IX International Conference Optimization and Applications (OPTIMA-2018)
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IX International Conference Optimization and Applications (OPTIMA-2018)


The registration fee payment and the hotel reservation is managed by the Terra travel agency.

Please select the way and the amount of payment by filling in the application form (PDF, DOC)), option for students (PDF, DOC).
The filled form should be sent to taterra.mne@gmail.com. There are two ways for payment:

  1. Bank transfer. In this case send to the taterra.mne@gmail.com address the filled form(s) together with the documents confirming payment (i.e. banking receipt, etc.). There could be one transfer for several participants.
  2. Credit card. In this case please fill the card details in the form and send the scanned form with your signature to the taterra.mne@gmail.com address.

After receiving the payment the Terra agency delivers the reservation confirmation and the invoice about the received payment to the participant by e-mail.

We kindly ask participants to send an e-mail to the confoptima@gmail.com address as soon as you made the payment.


  • Bank transfer costs are covered by participants, not Terra agency.
  • Travel agency Terra guarantees all reservations and prices made until 1st September 2018 at offered prices. To avoid booking problems we recommend to reserve a room as early as possible.
  • If you make reservation until 1st June you have to pay for just one night of your accommodation in the hotel and also the registration fee until 1st June and you can pay the rest of your accommodation until 1st September. If you do not pay the rest of the accommodation costs until 1st September the agency will cancel your reservation.
  • If you make reservation in the period after 1st June prices you can initially pay for just one night and registration fee but you have to pay the rest of the accommodation costs also until 1st September or the agency will be forced to cancel your reservation.
  • In case you cancel the reservation before 1st September 2018 the agency return you 50% of the payment for the accommodation.
  • Organizing Committee sends the invitation as soon as we receive the information about your payment.
  • The hotel reservation charges and the registration fee are not refundable.