XI International Conference Optimization and Applications (OPTIMA-2020)
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XI International Conference Optimization and Applications (OPTIMA-2020)
Program & Video

The full program of the OPTIMA-2020 conference is here

supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (grant no. 20-01-22008)

September 28, 2020

Room 1: Plenary, chair Nicholas Olenev

11:30 Yury Evtushenko. Welcome session dedicated to 70th anniversary of Milojica Jaćimović

12:00 Invited Lecture: Boris T. Polyak, Ilyas Fatkhullin. Static feedback in linear control systems as optimization problem

12:45 Invited Lecture: Alexey Tret'yakov. P-regularity Theory: Applications to Optimization
This joint work with Yuri Evtushenko and Vlasta Malkova was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR project no. 17-07-00510)

September 29, 2020


Room 1: Mathematical Programming

chair Vitaly Zhadan

14:00 Keynote: Matthias Horn, Marko Djukanovic, Christian Blum and Günther R. Raidl On the Use of Decision Diagrams for the Repetition-Free Longest Common Subsequence (Austria, Spain)

14:30 Marko Djukanovic, Christoph Berger, Günther Raidl and Christian Blum. On Solving a Generalized Constrained Longest Common Subsequence Problem (Austria, Spain)

14:50 Yana Vedel and Vladimir Semenov. Adaptive extraproximal algorithm for the equilibrium problem in Hadamard spaces (Ukraine)

chair Alexander Gasnikov

16:00 (UTC+3) Vitaly Zhadan. The dual simplex-type method for second-order cone programming problem (RFBR project no. 17-07-00510)

16:20 Igor Kaporin. Using nonlinear least squares for evaluating canonical tensor decompositions (RFBR project no. 19-01-00666)

16:40 Dmitry Kamzolov, Alexander Gasnikov and Pavel Dvurechensky. On the Optimal Combination of Tensor Optimization Methods (RFBR projects no. 19-31-27001, 18-29-03071, Russia, Germany)

17:00 Alexander Rogozin and Alexander Gasnikov. Penalty-Based Method for Decentralized Optimization Over Time-Varying Graphs (RFBR projects no. 19-31-51001, 18-29-03071 mk)

18:00 Victor Gorelik and Tatiana Zolotova. Method of Parametric Correction in Data Transformation and Approximation Problems

18:20 Maria Stefanova and Sergey Lupuleac. The interior point method adaptation for solving the quadratic programming problems arising in the assembly of deformable structures (RFBR project no. 20-38-90023\20)

Room 2: Combinatorial and Discrete Optimization

chair Sergey Khamidulin

The section was dedicated to Alexander V. Kel'manov (1952-2019)

14:00 Keynote: Michael Khachay, Andrej Kudriavtsev and Alexander Petunin. PCGLNS: a heuristic solver for the Precedence Constrained Generalized Traveling Salesman Problem (RFBR projects no. 19-07-01243, 20-08-00873)

14:30 Alexander Petunin, Efim Polishchuk and Stanislav Ukolov. A novel algorithm for construction of the shortest path between a finite set of nonintersecting contours on the plane (RFBR projects no. 19-07-01243, 20-08-00873)

14:50 Edward Kh. Gimadi, Aleksandr Shevyakov and Alexandr Shtepa. A Given Diameter MST on a Random Graph (RFBR project no. 20-31-90091)

chair Michael Khachay

16:00 Sergey Khamidullin, Vladimir Khandeev and Anna Panasenko. Approximation Scheme for a Sequence Weighted 2-Clustering with a Fixed Center of One Cluster

16:20 Ludmila Mikhailova and Sergey Khamidullin. Simultaneous detection and discrimination of subsequences which are nonlinearly extended elements of the given sequences alphabet in a quasiperiodic sequence (RFBR projects no. 19-07-00397, 19-01-00308)

16:40 Oksana Pichugina and Liudmyla Koliechkina. The multiobjective Horizontal method for linear partial permutation-based optimization (Ukraine, Poland)

17:00 Oksana Pichugina, Liudmyla Koliechkina and Nadezhda Muravyova. The polyhedral-surface method of optimization over a vertex-located set (Ukraine, Poland, Russia)

17:20 Anton Eremeev, Anton Malakhov, Maxim Sakhno and Maria Sosnovskaya. Multi-Core Processor Scheduling With Respect to Data Bus Bandwidth

September 30, 2020

Room 1: Plenary, chair Nicholas Olenev

11:30 Invited Lecture: Nikolai Osmolovskii. Quadratic optimality conditions for broken extremals and discontinuous controls (Poland)

12:15 Invited Lecture: Andrei Dmitruk. Lagrange Multipliers Rule for a General Extremum Problem with an Infinite Number of Constraints This is a joint work with Nikolai Osmolovskii (Russia, Poland)


Room 1: Optimal Control

chair Alexander Buldaev

14:00 Keynote: Yuri Evtushenko and Alexander Golikov. Theorems of Alternative and Optimization

14:30 Elena Khoroshilova and Anatoly Antipin. On a sequential method for solving optimal control problem with discrete constraints on state variables (RFBR project no. 18-01-00312)

14:50 Anatoly Antipin and Elena Khoroshilova. Gradient flow for solving terminal control problems with phase constraints (RFBR project no. 18-01-00312)

chair Anatoly Antipin

16:00 Alexander Buldaev. Operator Forms of the Maximum Principle and Iterative Algorithms in Optimal Control Problems (RFBR project no. 18-41-030005)

16:20 Tatiana Tchemisova and Olga Kostyukova. Strong dual formulations for some classes of conic optimization problem (Portugal, Belarus)

16:40 Askhat Diveev and Sergey Konstantinov. Solution of the Problem of the Control System General Synthesis by Approximation of a Set of Extremals (RFBR project no. 18-29-03061-mk)

17:00 Elizaveta Shmalko and Askhat Diveev. Multi-point stabilization approach to the optimal control problem (RFBR project no. 18-29-03061-mk)

17:20 Milojica Jacimovic and Nevena Mijajlovic. Extragradient Method and Inertial Projection-Type method for Solving Variational Inequalities with Coupled Constraints (Montenegro)

18:00 Kamil Aida-Zade and Vagif Abdullayev. Optimization of the right sides of boundary conditions with point and integral values for the ODE system (Azerbaijan)

18:20 Kamil Aida-Zade and Anar Rahimov. Solution to problem of restoring time coefficient-functions of special type source in parabolic equation (Azerbaijan)

18:40 Kamil Aida-Zade and Yegana Ashrafova. Optimization of places and capacities of sources in dynamic systems of network structure (Azerbaijan)

19:00 Kamil Aida-Zade and Vugar Hashimov. On an approach to feedback control of heating a plate with moving sources (Azerbaijan)

Room 2: Applications

chair Alexander Pesterev

14:00 Keynote: Anastasiya Demidova, Olga Druzhinina, Milojica Jacimovic, Olga Masina, Nevena ijajlovic, Nicholas Olenev and Alexey Petrov. The generalized algorithms of global parametric optimization and stochastization for dynamical models of interconnected populations (Russia, Montrnegro)

14:30 Natalya Sedova and Olga Druzhinina. Optimization problems in tracking control design for an underactuated ship with feedback delay, state and control constraints

15:10 Alexander Lazarev, Darya Lemtyuzhnikova, Nikolay Pravdivets and Frank Werner. A metric approach for solving approximately scheduling problems (Russia, Germany)

Chair Darya Lemtyuzhnikova

16:00 Robert Namm and Georgiy Tsoy. On numerical solving an equilibrium problem for a 3D elastic body with a crack under Coulomb friction law (RFBR project no. 20-01-00450)

16:20 Pavel Sorokovikov and Aleksander Gornov. Low-energy Z1 clusters of dimensions from 81 to 110 atoms (RFBR project no. 18-07-00587)

16:40 Pavel Sorokovikov. Numerical investigation of non-convex optimization algorithms based on reinforcement learning techniques (RFBR project no. 19-37-90065)

17:00 Aleksander Gornov and Tatiana Zarodnyuk. Unconditional optimization algorithms based on the curvilinear search (RFBR project no. 18-07-00587)

17:20 Tatiana Zarodnyuk and Aleksander Gornov. The trust-region-type algorithm using the main diagonal of the Hessian matrix (RFBR project no. 18-07-00587)

18:00 Lev Rapoport and Alexey Generalov. Lurie Systems Stability Approach for Attraction Domain Estimation in the Wheeled Robot Control Problem (RFBR project no. 18-08-00531)

18:20 Alexander Pesterev, Ivan Matrosov and Yury Morozov. On optimal selection of coefficients of a controller in the point stabilization problem for a robot-wheel (RFBR project no. 18-08-00531)

18:40 Vladimir Zubov and Alla Albu. On the choice of finite-difference schemes when solving inverse problems (RFBR project no. 17-07-00493)

19:00 Vladimir Zubov, Alla Albu and Yury Evtushenko. On usage the general Lagrange multipliers method in special cases (RFBR project no. 17-07-00493)

October 1, 2020


Room 1: Global Optimization

Chair Victor Gergel

11:30 Keynote: Thomas Jatschka, Fabio Oberweger, Tobias Rodemann and Günther Raidl. Distributing Battery Swapping Stations for Electric Scooters in an Urban Area (Astria, Germany)

12:00 Alexander Sysoyev and Victor Gergel. Global optimization method with numerically calculated function derivatives (RFBR project no. 19-07-00242)

12:20 Vladislav Sovrasov and Konstantin Barkalov. Parallel global optimization algorithm with uniform convergence for solving a set of constrained global optimization problems (RFBR project no. 19-07-00242)

14:00 Vladimir Garanzha, Liudmila Kudryavtseva and Igor Kaporin. Parallel preconditioned solver for moving deforming mesh optimization

14:20 Alexander Titov, Stonyakin Fedyor and Mohammad Alkousa. Some Analogues of Mirror Descent Method for Relatively Lipschitz-Continuous and Relatively Strongly Convex Optimization Problems

15:40 (UTC+3) Larisa Rybak, Dmitry Malyshev and Elena Gaponenko. Optimization algorithm for approximating the solutions set of nonlinear inequalities systems in the problem of determining the robot workspace

16:00 Anatoly Panyukov and Yasir Mezaal. Improving of the Identification Algorithm for a Quasilinear Recurrence Equation

16:20 Vladimir Garanzha and Liudmila Kudryavtseva. Construction of Voronoi triangulations and Delaunay diagrams via optimization of dual polyhedral (RFBR project no. 18-07-00587)

Room 2: Optimization in Economy, Finance and Social Sciences

chair Alexander Lotov

11:30 Keynote: Igor Bykadorov. Pricing in Dynamic Marketing: The Cases of Piece-Wise Constant Sale and Retail Discounts (RFBR projects no. 18-010-00728, 19-010-00910)

12:00 Alexander Vasin and Olesya Grigoryeva. On optimizing the functioning of electricity markets (RFBR project no. 19-01-00533)

12:20 Tatiana Babkina, Anna Sedush, Olga Menshikova and Mikhail Myagkov. Sociality is a mechanism for collective action dilemma resolution (RFBR project no. 19-01-00296)

12:40 Damir Alimov, Nataliia Obrosova and Alexander Shananin. Analysis of production support measures in conditions of pandemic demand shocks, based on mathematical model of production taking into account the deficit of revolving funds (RFBR project no. 20-07-00285)

chair Igor Bykadorov

14:00 Alexander Lotov and Andrey Ryabikov. Pareto frontier in multi-objective Baikal Lake water resources feedback control optimization (RFBR project no. 17-29-05108)

14:20 Ivan Kamenev, Georgy Kamenev and Daria Andrianova. Optimization in big data analysis based on Kolmogorov-Shannon coding methods (RFBR project no. 18-01-00465)

14:40 Ivan Kamenev and Igor Pospelov. Optimization of investment in qualification in the non-linear model with social shifts (RFBR project no. 18-01-00465)

15:40 Vladimir Emelichev and Yury Nikulin. Finite coalitional games under uncertainty (Belarus, Finland)

16:00 Tatiana Makarovskikh and Anatoly Panyukov. Construction of a technologically feasible cutting with pierce points placement constraints

16:20 Ustav Malkov and Vlasta Malkova. Effectiveness of Nash Equilibrium Search Algorithms in Four-Person Games of General and Multi-Matrix Settings (RFBR project no. 20-010-00169a)

Room 1: Plenary, chair Nicholas Olenev

18:00 (UTC+3:00) = 11:00 (UTC-4:00) Invited Lecture: Panos M. Pardalos. Sustainable interdependent networks (USA)

October 2, 2020

11:30 Room 1: Round table & Closing Session