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Parallel Computational Technologies 2012

Workshop for young scientists
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The Workshop for young scientists will be held as a part of the PCT conference. It aims to enable graduate students and candidate seekers to present and discuss the results of their scientific work.

We admit papers on the results of the dissertation research that were never published before. The sole author should be a graduate student or a candidate seeker under 30 who has not defended his dissertation by the first day of the conference (March 26th, 2012). The topic of the research should meet the PCT conference Scope. If the research has been conducted by the team of young scientists, each should submit a separate work. Co-authorship with the supervisor of the dissertation is also prohibited.

We accept three types of publication: a full article, a short article and a poster that formatted according to the PCT conference requirements (see the For Authors section). All papers submitted to the workshop will be reviewed by experts. The Program committee will look through the results of the experts’ review and select the articles that will form the Workshop Program. It is assumed that each article will be presented at the workshop by its author.

All works included in the program will be published prior to the conference date. After the conference all papers taken as "full articles" will be published (after careful editing) in one of the following scientific magazines of Higher Attestation Commission list:

  • Numerical methods and programming. Advanced Computing,
  • Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod bulletin,
  • South Ural University bulletin (Mathematical modeling and programming series),
  • Ufa State Aviation Technical University bulletin. Management, computer technology and computer science,

    The PCT Program committee is going to provide financial support to the participants of the Workshop for young scientists in covering travel and accommodation.

    Follow these steps to participate in the competition for a grant covering travel and accommodation by January 15th, 2012.

    1. Register on the conference website (the Application section).
    2. If the article has not be submitted at the conference in a standard way (via the conference website) send a message to containing the article formatted according to the requirements of the conference (see the For Authors section).
    3. The scientific supervisor should send a recommendation letter (example) to from his or her email address. The subject of the letter should contain the phrase "Recommendation for PCT Workshop for young scientists." It is allowed to send letter from the young scientist email. In this case, the recommendation should be signed by the supervisor, verified by his signature; the document should be scanned and attached to the email.