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Trip to "Sun Valley" ski resort
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On March 31st, 2013 we arrange a trip to the "Sun Valley" ski resort!

"Sun Valley" ski resort is located 120 km from Chelyabinsk between the beautiful lakes and the picturesque forests of the Izvestnaya mountain top. It is a part of the famous Ural Ilmen-Tau ridge. The mountain stretches along the Europe and Asia border. Geographically, the top of the mountain is in Europe and the end of the ski slope is in Asia. Ski resort offers excellent trails for those who enjoy snowboarding and skiing. Using special equipment allows maintaining of the slope in good condition up to the middle of April.

The event will be available only for the registered conference participants who have paid the registration fee. The participation in the event is free! The trip is intended for experienced skiers/snowboarders.

The event includes:

The bus departure from the main SUSU building is at 8:00 AM. Arrival to Chelyabinsk is at 7:00 PM.

The event program
7:208:00Gathering of participants from the hotels
8:0010:30Transfer from the main SUSU building to the "Sun Valley" ski resort|
10:3011:30Equipment rental at the box office
11:3015:30Skiing and snowboarding
15:3016:00Equipment return
16:0017:00Lunch at the "INEY CAFE"
17:0019:00Transfer from the"Sun Valley" ski resort to the main SUSU building|
19:0019:30Delivering of participants to the hotels

Please send the following application to Pavel Kostenetskiy ( if you are to participate in this event:
Subject: Sun Valley
Text: Please include me in the event "Trip to the ski resort" on March 31, 2013
Specify: <<Full name>>
Specify: <<I have previous experience in skiing/snowboarding>>
Specify: <<Snowboard and boots rental is required>> or << Ski and boots rental is required>> or <<I will bring everything with me>>
Specify: <<Cell phone number for communication>>

Please note that the number of bus seats is limited. The advantage will be given to those who are among the first sending the application and paying the registration fee in time.