International scientific conference
Parallel Computational Technologies 2014

Industrial Exhibition
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The industrial exhibition will be organized on the second day of the conference. The hardware and software solutions which are ready for the industrial and commercial use will be presented there.

The limited number of exhibition booths will be provided for the PCT reporters (see the Program) where they can demonstrate self-developed software and hardware systems. Each of these booths includes a table, up to 2 chairs and 220 volts Euro-socket power supply. There will also be the opportunity to hang the poster in the immediate vicinity of the demonstration booth. All computer and office equipment that is necessary for the demonstration should be brought by the exhibitors.

If you want to get a booth at the industrial exhibition, please send an email request to by March 7th, 2014. The request should comprise the following:

  • Name of the responsible person (one of the co-authors)
  • Personal application ID
  • Report ID
  • Name of the software or hardware product
  • Demonstration abstract (maximum 1 page)
  • Equipment specifications (name, size, weight, power consumption)
  • Presence of the poster (yes, no)
  • Presence of the brochures and flyers (yes, no).

    You will be notified of the results on your request by the email not later than March 15th, 2014.

    The contact person for technical questions on the exhibition is Natalya N. Saltykova,