International scientific conference
Parallel Computational Technologies 2017

Instructions for authors
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Program Committee has the right to reject without consideration the papers, which are not conforming to requirements described in this section.

The following types of the scientific work are acceptable at the conference:

  • a full paper;
  • a short paper;
  • an abstract of a poster.

    The program committee is in charge to accept a paper with the change of its status (e.g. the work claimed as a full paper may be accepted as a short paper or a poster). In this case, the author is to prepare the final version of the paper according to its new status.

    Submission of the papers

    Paper should be submitted electronically in PDF format via EasyChair system at

    Requirements for the content of the paper

    Full paper (12-15 A4 pages) shows the results of the completed scientific research and usually has the following structure.

  • Introduction – issues, goal and objectives of the research and brief description of the paper's structure.

  • Theory part – formal statement of the problem, analytical study of the mathematical models, methods and algorithms proposed by the author(s).

  • Implementation part – description of the program implementation of the proposed models, methods and algorithms.

  • Experimental results – results of the computing experiments confirming the adequacy and effectiveness of the proposed models, methods and algorithms, comparison of the approach with the existing ones.
  • Overview of the related works, discussion of pros and cons of the approach in comparison with the existing ones.
  • Conclusion – summary of the results achieved, final conclusions and directions for further research.

    Short paper (up to 12 A4 pages) describes preliminary results of uncompleted scientific research. The structure of the short paper basically follows the structure of the full one.

    Abstract of the poster (one A4 page long) contains information about plans and initial results of recently started scientific research.

    Requirements for the formatting of the paper

    Papers may be prepared in LaTeX2e (MiKTeX package is recommended) or MS Word.

    Formatting of the full and short papers should follow the rules of the Springer's Communications in Computer and Information Science series (cf. Author Guidelines). Authors are recommended to use the following templates:

  • LaTeX format:;
  • MS Word format:

    Formatting of abstracts of the posters should follow PCT's rules (cf. rules in PDF). Authors are recommended to use the following templates:

  • LaTeX format:;
  • MS Word format: