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Parallel Computational Technologies 2021

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Application of the AMGX library to the solution of elliptic discontinuous Galerkin methods
Nikolay M. Evstigneev, Oleg Ryabkov

Computer Simulation of Batch Isoprene Polymerization Process in the Presence of a Neodymium-based Catalyst System by the Monte Carlo Method
Svetlana Mustafina, Tatiana Mikhailova, Azat Daminov, Eldar Miftakhov, Vladimir Mikhailov

Deflation of periodic orbits in large scale systems: algorithm and parallel implementation
Nikolay M. Evstigneev, Oleg Ryabkov

Design and locality analysis of the parallel algorithm of splitting method utilizing 2-dimensional process structure
A.A. Tolstsikav, S.V. Bakhanovich, N.A. Likhoded

Detecting changes in communication properties of parallel programs by InfiniBand traffic analysis
Daria Domracheva, Konstantin Stefanov

Development, practical application of methods for detecting similar supercomputer applications
Vadim Voevodin, Denis Shaykhislamov

Digital twin of geological objects: development and use
Galina Reshetova, Vladimir Cheverda

Distributed algorithm for extracting text information from news sites using big data technologies
Pavel Kravchenya, Yurii Kachanov, Mikhail Kuznetsov

Distribution of calculations for multicore/multiprocessor computers based on the virtual machine system of the parallel programming language Caper
Sergey Vartanov

Evaluation of scalability and performance when modeling in the FlowVision package on a heterogeneous computing cluster
Andrei Andreev, Dmitry N. Zharikov, Aleksandr E. Schelyaev

Exploring the limits of problem-specific adaptation of SAT solvers in SAT-based cryptanalysis
Stepan Kochemazov

Feasible Control of Chemical Reactions with the Parallel Mind Evolutionary Computation Algorithm
Maxim Sakharov, Kamila Koledina, Irek Gubaydullin, Anatoly Karpenko

Features of the implementation of the TreeCode algorithm for solving the N-body problem using graphics accelerators
Alexander Titov, Alexander Khoperskov

Functionally Arranged Data for Algorithms with Space-Time Wavefront
Anastasia Perepelkina, Vadim Levchenko

GPU-Accelerated Fuzzy Inference Based on Fuzzy Truth Value
Vasily Sinuk, Sergey Kulabukhov

High-level synthesis of scalable solutions of C programs for reconfigurable computer systems
Alexey Dordopulo, Ilya Levin, Vyacheslav Gudkov, Gulenok Andrey, Alexander Bovkun, Sergey Dudko

Implementation of a software system for numerical solution of an integro-differential equation by the grid method
Eugene Chichelov, Vladimir Konchenkov, Sergei Kryuchkov, Victor Sivko, Alena Sandul, Dmitry Zav'Yalov

Investigation by finite element simulation of the influence of the bending roll profile on the stress-strain state of the billet of longitudinal-welding roll-formed pipes
Leonid Gurevich, Roman Novikov, Alexandr Bannikov, Dmitriy Pronichev, Dmitry Frunkin

Local 2D splitting schemes solving 3D suspension transport problems on optimal boundary-adaptive grids with uniform spacing’s in the vertical direction
Alexander Sukhinov, Alexander Chistyakov, Valentina Sidoryakina, Elena Protsenko, Sofya Protsenko

Luthien – parallel PIC code for modeling the interaction of focused electron beams with plasma
Evgeny Berendeev, Vladimir Annenkov, Igor Timofeev, Evgenia Volchok

Modeling of channel flow in estuarine areas on supercomputers
Alexander Sukhinov, Inna Kuznetsova, Vladimir Litvinov, Alla Nikitina, Aleksandr Chistyakov

Multi-Treaded Frontend Image Processing Using Web-Workers API
Oleg Borodin, Vitaly Egunov, Vladislav Plotnikov

N-dimensional model for visual representation of linear programming problem
Leonid Sokolinsky, Nikolay Olkhovsky

On the Implementation of Batch Mode Collision Detection Algorithm on CUDA
Oleg Ryabkov, Nikolay M. Evstigneev

Optimization of small dimensions matrices processing in a multi-body system modeling using vector operations
Andrei Andreev, Alexander Gorobtsov, Vitaly Egunov, Egor Kharkov

Optimizing expander movement using finite element modeling to improve geometric accuracy of longitudinal seam pipes
Leonid Gurevich, Roman Novikov, Alexandr Bannikov, Dmitriy Pronichev, Dmitry Frunkin

Parallel Multicriterial Optimization for Non-convex Mixed-Integer Problems
Victor Gergel, Evgeniy Kozinov

Parallel algorithms for calculating suspended particles transport based on 3D models
Alexander Sukhinov, Aleksandr Chistyakov, Alla Nikitina, Inna Kuznetsova, Asya Atayan

Parallel computing technologies in the stability problem of humanoid robot dynamic modes
Alexander Gorobtsov, Andrey Skorikov, Pavel Tarasov, Andrey Andreev

Parallel genetic algorithm for solving the inverse problem of catalytic reforming of gasoline
Dmitrii Smirnov, Kamila Koledina, Irek Gubaydullin

Parallel implementation of evolutionary learning of a fuzzy system with quality inputs using CUDA technology
Sergey Karatach, Vasiliy Sinuk

Parametric optimization of machine designs based on mathematical models of the inverse problem
Alexander Gorobtsov, Andrey Skorikov, Pavel Tarasov, Andrey Andreev

Quantum-chemical modeling of structure, thermochemical properties of molecules of high-energy tetrazines
Vadim Volokhov, Tatyana Zyubina, Alexander Volokhov, Elena Amosova, Dmitry Varlamov, David Lempert, Leonid Yanovskiy

Research of the possibilities of using Octoshell as a universal system for managing supercomputer centers
Andrei Paokin, Dmitry Nikitenko, Sergey Zhumatiy

Separation of target signal from background interference using convolutional neural network
Leonid Sokolinsky, Maksim Gubin

Simulation of Heat, Mass Transfer in the Open Geothermal Systems: Parallel Implementation
Elena N. Akimova, Vladimir Misilov, Mikhail Filimonov, Nataliia Vaganova

Study of the mechanism of external hormonal regulation based on a multi-species model of the plankton development, interaction in a shallow water body using supercomputer technologies
Alexander Sukhinov, Alexander Chistyakov, Yulia Belova, Alexander Epifanov, Alla Nikitina

System for visualization of the meshes of the big sizes obtained from gas-dynamic simulations
Stepan Orlov, Alexey Kuzin, Alexey Zhuravlev, Vyacheslav Reshetnikov, Vladislav Kiev, Egor Usik, Andrey Pyatlin

Technologies and methods of data obtaining in the determination of human behavior anomalies
Artem Chumakov, Vadim Gilka

Transformation Methods for Some Kinds of Recursive Non-Linear Computing Structures for Decrease of the Task Solution Time on Reconfigurable Computer Systems
Sergei Dudko, Iliy Levin

Transformation of Graphs with Associative Operations in Terms of Set@l Programming Language
Ilya Levin, Alexey Dordopulo, Ivan Pisarenko, Andrey Melnikov

Two-dimensional model of facet vision
Leonid Sokolinsky, Raisa Fedyanina

Using OpenACC technology for calculating electronic transport in solids
Dmitriy Zavyalov, Vladimir Abdrakhmanov, Dmitry Abdrakhmanov

Instrumental system for component-wize benchmarking of compute cluster interconnections
Artur Begaev, Alexey Salnikov

Usage of Monte Carlo Method and Particle-in-Cell Method for Lubricating Fluid Simulation
Eugene Gromov, Alexander Gorobtsov

On the application of high-performance computing in fundamental research, applied and educational projects of VolgSTU
Andrei Andreev, Vitaly Egunov, Dmitriy Zavyalov

Increasing performance of the discrete slicer in the additive manufacturing
Andrei Andreev, Alexey Drobotov, Alexey Makarov

Development of the direction and platform of high-performance computing at VolgGTU. Stages, problems and prospects
Andrei Andreev, Vitaly Egunov, Dmitry Zharikov, Dmitriy Zavyalov


Acceleration of percolation-based material corrosion simulation using multi-threaded CPU and GPU computing
Pavel Kravchenya, Ivan Karachun, Mikhail Kuznetsov, Stanislav Mednikov

Architecture prototype for processing atomic programs
Aleksey Demidov

Automation tools for building composite services for scientific computing
Anton Pashinin, Vera Bogdanova

Detection and localization of marine equipment objects on radar images of remote sensing of the Earth
Dmitry Gavrilov

Development and implementation of the monitoring system for the computing cluster of VSTU
Dmitry L. Abdrakhmanov, Dmitry N. Zharikov, Dmitry V. Zav'Yalov

Development of tools for simulation modeling of load balancing in distributed computing systems
Igor Botygin, Andrew Nagiev, Vladislav Sherstnev, Anna Sherstneva

Implementation of a parallel algorithm for the global search for the kinetic parameters of the main reactions of the catalytic isomerization process
R.I. Faskhutdinova, I.M. Gubaydullin

Learning of Miso-structure Mamdani-type Fuzzy Systems with Fuzzy Inputs on the Graphic Processor
Vasiliy Sinuk, Maxim Panchenko

Nanotribological study of the beta-Ga2O3 system by the molecular dynamics method
Dmitriy Zavyalov, Vladimir Kontchenkov, Veronika Beloenko

Parallel algorithm implementation for search primers positions in the DNA chain for LAMP
Liana Ahmetzianova, Ravil Garafutdinov, Aleksey Chemeris, Irek Gubaydullin

Using the Slurm simulator to distribute the ANSYS RSM calculation in a heterogeneous computing system
Dmitry L. Abdrakhmanov, Dmitry N. Zharikov, Andrei E. Andreev

Vectorization and parallelization of methods for accounting spatial charge
P.O. Medakin, A.G. Shein

Video analysis app, intended to assess the rodents (rats and mice) behavior in mazes, applied in laboratory research
Sergey Kravchenko, Yulia Orlova, Aleksey Alekseev, Igor Grinin and Dmitry Matyushechkin