International scientific conference
Parallel Computational Technologies 2022

March 29-31, 2022 :: Dubna, Russia :: Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
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"Parallel computational technologies (PCT) 2022" is the 16-th annual international scientific conference aimed to develop and employ parallel computing technologies and machine learning in versatile areas of science and technology. The main purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity to report and discuss the results achieved by leading research groups in solving practical issues using supercomputer and neural network technologies.

The conference is organized by:

  • Ministry of science and higher education of Russian Federation
  • HPC Consortium of Russian Universities

    The scope of the conference covers all aspects of the application of cloud, supercomputer and neural network technologies in science and technology such as applications, hardware and software, specific languages and packages.

    The 36th edition of Top50 of the CIS's most powerful computers will be announced on the first day of the conference.

    On working days of the conference a supercomputer exhibition will be organized, where leading manufacturers of hardware and software present their latest developments in the field of high performance computing.

    Dates and venue: PCT'2021 will be held on March 29–31, 2022 in Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia.

    Languages: Russian, English.

    Platinum sponsors:

  • Intel
  • RSC Group
  • Karma Group

    Partner of the conference: Special Technological Center

    Informational support:

  • Informational and analytical center
  • "Poisk" newspaper
  • International analytical PLM magazine "CAD/CAM/CAE Observer"

    Event partners:

  • International Congress "Russian Supercomputing Days"
  • International Scientific Conference "Russian Supercomputing Days"

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