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Parallel Computational Technologies 2023

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Automated large time series labeling on a GPU cluster (Slides in PDF)
Andrey Goglachev, Mikhail Zymbler

Automation of parallelization of loops with minimization of data transfers (Slides in PDF)
Boris Steinberg, Anton Bagliy, Nikita Krivosheev, Oleg Steinberg

Calculations of the dynamics of planetesimals in the debris disks of stars with planets
Tatiana Demidova

Comparative analysis of popular open packages of matrix reordering for the Cholesky decomposition (Slides in PDF)
Sergey Pudov, Victor Gladkikh, Andrey Moskalev, Daniil Berlizov

Comparison of two methods for modelling the dynamics of gas flows in a protoplanetary disk (Slides in PDF)
Vitaliy Grigoryev, Tatiana Demidova

Computational algorithm for modelling cylindrical catalyst grain during oxidative regeneration with MPI technologies
Olga Yazovtseva, Irek Gubaydullin, Elizaveta Peskova, Andrey Zagoruiko

Computer Simulation of the Three Dimensional Synthesis of the Phase Images of Nanometer Scale Objects. (Slides in PDF)
Gennady Levin, Gennady Vishnyakov, Yaroslaw Ilyushin

Computer modeling of metal nanoclusters and substrate interaction at mesoscopic level (Slides in PDF)
Nikita Tarasov, Viktoriia Podryga, Sergey Polyakov, Vladimir Usachev

Computing clusters for interdisciplinary modeling and supercomputer solutions "NORSI-TRANS"
Ivan Nesterov

Configurable disaggregated architectures for high-performance systems and machine learning
Alexander Moskivskii

Development of a subsystem for analyzing the efficiency of using computing resources for the HPC TaskMaster system (Slides in PDF)
Pavel Kostenetskiy, Artemiy Shamsutdinov, Roman Chulkevich, Vyacheslav Kozyrev

Development of means of distributed computing management in Orlando Tools (Slides in PDF)
Aleksey Edelev, Sergey Gorsky, Alexander Feoktistov, Igor Bychkov, Mikhail Marchenko

Efficient LRnLA algorithms and data structure for manycore and multicore computers with hierarchical cache (Slides in PDF)
Anastasia Perepelkina, Vadim Levchenko

Evaluating the Impact of MPI Network Sharing on HPC Applications (Slides in PDF)
Anna Khudoleeva, Vadim Voevodin, Konstantin Stefanov

Grid equations solving by the alternating-triangular method on a graphics accelerator* (Slides in PDF)
Alexander Sukhinov, Vladimir Litvinov, Natalia Gracheva, Nelli Rudenko, Alexander Chistyakov, Alla Nikitina

Implementation of asymptotically compact algorithm for out-of-core GPU simulation of acoustic equation (Slides in PDF)
Andrey Zakirov, Anastasia Perepelkina

Implementation of the fuzzy inference method with non-singleton fuzzification based on CUDA and GPGPU technologies (Slides in PDF)
Sergey Karatach, Vasily Sinuk

Investigation of adsorption systems by the tensor renormalization group method on the example of classical lattice models
Sergey Akimenko, Anastasia Sergienko

Is it easy to live in a parallel world?
Vladimir V. Voevodin

Modeling the Acoustic Signal Propagation in a Cased Well (Slides in PDF)
Vladimir Cheverda, Galina Reshetova, Artjem Kabannik

Monitoring and forecasting crop yields (Slides in PDF)
Tatyana Makarovskikh, Anatoly V. Panyukov, Mostafa Abotaleb

Neural network model for recognition of defects in a bearing based on the analysis of data from finite element modeling of the bearing operation (Slides in PDF)
Natalia Dolganina, Sergey Ivanov

On parallel multigrid methods for solving SLAEs (Slides in PDF)
Batalov Maxim, Yana Gurieva, Valery Il'In, Artem Petukhov

On the Template Programming Approach for the Shared Memory Parallel Architectures with the Application to the Fully Implicit Stokes Solver (Slides in PDF)
Oleg Ryabkov, Nikolay M. Evstigneev

On using the decision trees to identify the local extrema in parallel global optimization algorithms* (Slides in PDF)
Ilya Lebedev, Konstantin Barkalov, Dmitrii Silenko

Optimized Relativistic Code for Massive Parallel System
Elena Akimova, Vladimir Misilov, Igor Kulikov, Igor Chernykh

Parallel Computing in Tikhonov Regularization Method for Solving the Inverse Problem of Chemical Kinetics
Leniza Enikeeva, Konstantin Barkalov, Dmitry Dubovtsev, Irek Gubaydullin, Marina Usova

Parallel Domain Decomposition Methods with Graph Preconditioning (Slides in PDF)
Yana Gurieva, Valery Il'In, Dmitry Kozlov, Andrew Krylov

Parallel algorithm for a two-phase gas-solid particle model with chemical reactions and laser radiation
Elizaveta Peskova

Parallel algorithms for simulation of suspension transport in coastal systems based on schemes: explicit-implicit and splitting (Slides in PDF)
Alexander Sukhinov, Alexander Chistyakov, Inna Kuznetsova, Asya Atayan, Valentina Sidoryakina, Markos Porksheyan

Parallel calculation of the loss function on a GPU for neural network models of time series processing (Slides in PDF)
Alexey Yurtin, Mikhail Zymbler

Parallel data preprocessing library for neural networks training (Slides in PDF)
Vadim Vakhrushev, Mikhail Shubin, Dmitry Buryak, Nina Popova, Oleg Ivanov

Parallel implementation of fast algorithms in vortex particle method (Slides in PDF)
Alexandra Kolganova, Ilia Marchevsky

Parallel implementation of the TRM method for recovering the position and type of a seismic source from observational data
Galina Reshetova, Anastasia Galaktionova

Parallelization of the generalized multimode nonlinear Schrodinger equation solver: performance analysis (Slides in PDF)
Evgeniy Kazakov, Jiexing Gao, Pavel Anisimov, Viacheslav Zemlyakov

Particle track reconstruction at scale: online tracking with PyTorch (Slides in PDF)
Daniil Rusov, Gennady Ososkov, Pavel Goncharov, Anastasiia Nikolskaia, Alexey Zhemchugov

Promising high-performance reconfigurable computer "Arcturus" based on FPGA Xilinx UltraScale+ (Slides in PDF)
Ilya Levin, Aleksandr Fedorov, Yury Doronchenko, Maksim Raskladkin

Quantum-chemical simulation of high-energy azoxy compounds
Vadim Volokhov, Ivan Akostelov, Vladimir Parakhin, Elena Amosova, David Lempert

RSC's experience in the administration and operation of supercomputers. Ways to improve the efficiency (Slides in PDF)
Alexander Naumov

Recovery of missing values in a stream time series using central and graphics processors (Slides in PDF)
Andrey Poluianov, Mikhail Zymbler

Research of the thermal state influence of the air intake model in flight icing condition on the based PNRPU High-performance Computational Complex
Anton O. Mikryukov, Vladimir Ya. Modorskii, Stanislav L. Kalulin, Danila S. Maksimov

Search for anomalies in large time series on a GPU cluster* (Slides in PDF)
Yana Kraeva, Mikhail Zymbler

Software package for high-level synthesis of configuration files for multi-chip reconfigurable computing systems (Slides in PDF)
Alexey Dordopulo, Ilya Levin, Vyacheslav Gudkov, Gulenok Andrey

Solving Maxwell's Equations Using Mixed Precision Calculations (Slides in PDF)
Anastasia Arisova, Valentin Volokitin, Evgeny Efimenko, Iosif Meyerov

Solving linear programming problems with combination of supercomputers and neural networks based on visual representation of n-dimensional polytopes. (Slides in PDF)
Nikolay Olkhovsky, Leonid Sokolinsky

Solving the three-dimensional Faddeev-Merkuriev Equations via Spline Collocation and Tensor Product Preconditioning
Vitaly Gradusov, Vladimir Roudnev, Evgeny Yarevsky, Sergey Yakovlev

Static typing supporting in the functional-dataflow parallel computing model (Slides in PDF)
Alexander Legalov, Nickolay Chuykin

Supercomputer simulation of plasma flow in the diamagnetic mode of open magnetic systems (Slides in PDF)
Anna Efimova, Marina Boronina, Konstantin Vshivkov, Galina Dudnikova

The Implementation of the Mathematical Model for Forecasting of Oil Slicks Spreading and Their Degradation on Sea Areas. (Slides in PDF)
Sergey Rychkov, Vyacheslav Solbakov, Anatoly Shatrov

The pfem2dealii library for viscous incompressible flow simulation based on the Particle Finite Element Method (Slides in PDF)
Andrey Popov

The use of mixed-precision calculations on GPUs for numerical simulation of turbulent impurity transfer (Slides in PDF)
Elizaveta Gashchuk, Andrey Debolskiy, Evgeny Mortikov

The use of parallel calculations in models of the general atmosphere circulation (Slides in PDF)
Konstantin Orlov, Igor Mingalev, Ekaterina Fedotova, Viktor Mingalev

Three-dimensional hydrodynamics mathematical model's numerical implementation taking into account the features of vertical turbulent exchange
Elena Protsenko, Alexander Sukhinov, Sofya Protsenko

Using parallel SAT solving to study hard combinatorial problems associated with Boolean circuits (Slides in PDF)
Victor Kondratiev, Stepan Kochemazov, Alexander Semenov

Web application development for fitting the data of small angle neutron scattering spectrometer
Alexey Soloviev, Alexandr Kuklin, Maria Balashoiu, Tatiana Solovieva


A model for online-visualization system
Pavel Vasev

Analysis of effectiveness of parallel calculations for minimization program that is used in a National system of logical design
Loginova Irina

Complex of interrelated algorithms and programs for numerical realization of hydrophysics problems
Alexander Sukhinov, Asya Atayan, Alexander Chistyakov, Alla Nikitina

Computer simulation of a two-dimensional system for detecting bosons by the quantum Monte Carlo method
Vitaly Ryumshin, Vasily Ulitko, Panov Yuri

Data analysis with parallel tools of the ROOT package
Tatiana Solovjeva, Alexey Soloviev

Development of algorithms and programs for assessing the degree of water eutrophication using variational methods of data assimilation
Alexander Chistyakov, Yulia Belova, Alla Nikitina, Inna Kuznetsova

Implementation of a software module for restoring the seabed topography based on high-order accuracy schemes
Elena Rakhimbaeva, Marcos Porksheyan

Implementation of classic Monte-Carlo algorithm for pseudospin models on Graphics Processing Units
Vasiliy Ulitko

Loop Retiling
Loop Retiling

Modification of the Slurm job scheduling system to provide a prediction of the time spent by a task in the queue based on statistical data
Alexander Shiryaev, Mahdi Rezaei, Igor Yashchenko, Alexey Salnikov

Parallel Lipschitz Global Optimization Algorithm with Dual Estimates for Lipschitz Constant
Chernykh D.A., Barkalov K.A.

Parallel algorithms for modeling the transport of pollutants in coastal systems
Valentina Sidoryakina

Parallel computations in the process of temperature optimizing for reaction zones of IPB oxidation reactor based on the kinetic model
Mikhail Vovdenko, Kamila Koledina, Irek Gubaydullin

Parallel implementation of the algorithm for optimizing the direct and inverse problem of the kinetics of the catalytic synthesis of methyl tert-butyl ether
Usmanova Arina, Koledina Kamila

Parallel implementation of the algorithm for optimizing the inverse problem of the kinetics of the catalytic synthesis of methyl tert-butyl ether
Usmanova Arina, Koledina Kamila

Recovering the function state of dynamic characteristics based on earth satellite remote data for mathematical modeling of shallow water ecological state
Natalia Panasenko, Yulia Belova, Alla Nikitina, Aleksey Simorin

Research of methods for describing supercomputer systems for the purpose of their comparative analysis
Nikita Antyukhov, Dmitry Nikitenko

Simulation of reflecting properties of exponentially correlated surfaces
Yaroslaw A. Ilyushin

Software versioning methods for the Octoshell HPC Center Management System
Yaroslav Fedotov, Andrey Paokin, Dmitry Nikitenko

Theoretical performance estimates of parallel algorithms for solving biological kinetics problems
Asya Atayan, Yulia Belova, Alexander Chistyakov

Use of Parallel Technologies for Calculation of Fluid Dynamic Processes in a Fractured-Porous Reservoir Taking into Account Nonisothermality
Ravil Uzyanbaev, Yuliya Bobreneva

* Recommended for publictaion in the "Bulletin of the South Ural State University. Series: Computational Mathematics and Software Engineering".