Солнечно-земные связи и геодинамика Байкало-Монгольского региона: результаты многолетних исследований и научно-образовательная политика (к 100-летию ИГУ)
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Институт солнечно-земной физики СО РАН
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Солнечно-земные связи и геодинамика Байкало-Монгольского региона: результаты многолетних исследований и научно-образовательная политика (к 100-летию ИГУ)

The Institute of the Earth's Crust SB RAS, the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SB RAS, the Irkutsk State University, and the Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences are holding the 12th Russian-Mongolian International Conference on Astronomy and Geophysics in the city of Irkutsk, Russia from 01 to 05 October 2018.


Conference Organizing Committee

I.V. Bychkov, Academician of RAS (ISU, ISC SB RAS)
D.P. Gladkochub, Corresponding Member of RAS (IEC SB RAS)
J. Gurragchaa, Cosmonaut of Mongolia, the Hero of Mongolia and the Soviet Union (IAG MAS)
S. Demberel, Professor, Sc.D (IAG MAS)

A.V. Medvedev, Sc.D (ISTP SB RAS)
K.Zh. Seminsky, Sc.D (IEC SB RAS)
K.G. Levi, Professor, Sc.D (IEC SB RAS)
Ch. Odonbaatar, PhD (IA&G MAS)

Conference Secretariat:
A.A. Dobrynina, PhD (IEC SB RAS)
E.N. Korzhova (ISTP SB RAS)
B. Buyantogtokh, Doctoral Student (IAG MAS)

Organizing Committee Members
- Russia:

V. I. Voronin, Sc.D (Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry SB RAS)
V.M. Grigoriev, Corresponding Member of RAS (ISTP SB RAS)
V.I. Dzhurik, Sc.D (IEC SB RAS)
V.S. Imaev, Sc.D (IEC SB RAS)
E.A. Kozyreva, PhD (IEC SB RAS)
S.A. Makarov, Sc.D (Institute of Geography SB RAS)
A.V. Mordvinov, Sc.D (ISTP SB RAS)
R.A. Rakhmatulin, Sc.D (ISTP SB RAS)
V.V. Ruzhich, Sc.D (IEC SB RAS)
Yu.V. Ryzhov, Sc.D (IEC SB RAS)
V.A. San’kov, PhD (IEC SB RAS)
Ts.A. Tubanov, PhD (Geological Institute SB RAS)
E.Kh. Turutanov, Sc.D (IEC SB RAS)
S.A. Yazev, Sc.D (ISTP SB RAS)

- Mongolia:
D. Batmunkh, PhD (IAG MAS)
Ts. Batsaikhan, PhD (IAG MAS)
Ch. Bayarsaikhan, PhD (IAG MAS)
Ch. Lhagvajav, PhD (IAG MAS)
A. Munkhsaikhan, PhD (IAG MAS)
N. Tungalag, Ph.D (IAG MAS)
B. Nyamsuren, Doctoral Student (IAG MAS)
M. Ulziibat, PhD (IAG MAS)
B. Tsegmed, PhD (IAG MAS)


Main topics of the Conference:

1.Solar-terrestrial relations and modern geodynamics
2. Space weather and climate
3. 110 years of the Tunguska phenomenon: fantasies and reality
4. Modern movements, deformation and the stress state of the crust
5. Geophysical fields and seismicity
6. Hazardous exogenic processes
7. Scientific and educational potential of the Irkutsk Scientific Centre SB RAS and the Irkutsk State University as a basic component for the advanced development of the Baikal region and its interregional relations: the stages of formation, the current status, and the implementation of integration programmes

The Conference Programme will soon be finalized. Please be requested to confirm by August 25, 2018 your arrival and participation in the Conference, and inform us on the way you will present your report: oral presentation at a plenary meeting, sessions by topics, or poster.

Oral presentation of a report (including Q&A): 20 min. at plenary meetings; 15 min. at the sessions by topics.
Short communication at the sessions by topics: 10 min.
Presentations of the posters: October 03, 2018


Conference schedule

October 01, 2018 – arrival of the conference participants
October 02, 2018 – registration
October 02, 2018 – official opening, plenary meetings, and sessions by topics
October 03, 2018 – sessions by topics, and presentations of the posters
October 04, 2018 – geological excursion
October 05, 2018 – departure

Conference venue

The official opening, plenary meetings, sessions by topics and presentations of the posters will take place in V.G. Rasputin Scientific Library of the Irkutsk State University. Address: 124 Lermontov street, Irkutsk.

Publication of the conference materials

The volume of abstracts will be published by the conference opening date. The abstract texts may be slightly revised, if needed. In addition, the Organizing Committee shall select articles recommendable for publication in a special issue of the electronic journal Geodynamics and Tectonophysics published in IEC SB RAS. The journal is listed in the VAC register, and indexed in RINC, Scopus and Web of Science. Please visit http://www.gt-crust.ru/jour.

Accommodation on the conference dates

Information for the conference participants who will come to Irkutsk from other cities:
From 2016, hotels in Irkutsk do not provide any discounted rates for RAS.
Please be advised that accommodation in Irkutsk needs to be arranged
by the conference participants themselves.

Detailed information about hotels, hostels and apartments in Irkutsk:

Geological excursion on October 04, 2018

The conference participants are invited for a one-day geological excursion to the southern termination of Lake Baikal and the central part of the Tunka depression, including the valley with extinct volcanoes, the Tunka fault zone, and the site of the catastrophic mudflow of 2014 near Arshan village.
Please sign up for this field trip in advance or on the registration date, 02 October 2018.