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Stars: from collapse to collapse
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The Organizing Committee of the "Stars: from Collapse to Collapse" International Conference (SAO RAS, October 3-7, 2016) is pleased to inform you that there are 120 participants registered at the moment. All the potential participants are requested to register before September 1, 2016.

We regularly update the Conference website; the "New information" website section contains the list of the advanced information. Follow the news please.

The Conference will start on Monday, the 3rd of October. The last day of the Conference is Friday, the 7th of October. The main move-in day is Sunday, the 2nd of October. The additional move-in day is Saturday, the 1st of October (upon consultation and coordination with LOC).


Arrangement of meeting the participants

We recommend to buy tickets so that to arrive in Mineralnye Vody on the 2nd of October in the daytime. There should be three-four successive shuttles from Minerlnye Vody Airport to Nizhny Arkhyz beginning from 10 a.m. on October 2, 2016. It takes 3 hours to travel from the airport to Nizhny Arkhyz. It is exceptionally undesirable to buy tickets on flights arriving in Mineralnye Vody after 7 p.m., as in this case the arrival and check-in will be at night.

Those participants who will travel by train are recommended to buy tickets to Nevinnomyssk Railway Station; there should be several shuttles to Nizhny Arkhyz from Nevinnomyssk on October 2, 2016.

The main move-out day is October 8, 2016; the participants are recommended to buy flight (or train) tickets from Minerlnye Vody Airport (or Nevinnomyssk Railway Station) on the 8th of October at 10 a.m. at the earliest.

On the purchase of tickets, the participants are requested to update the information (Date of arrival, Date of departure) in their profiles in the Conference website. With the dates written, we will book the hotel and make the precise schedule of the route SAO RAS, Nizhny Arkhyz---Minerlnye Vody Airport (Nevinnomyssk Railway Station).


Abstract submission

Abstract submission is open in the section "Thesises". We ask you to send abstracts in Russian or English till September 1, 2016. An abstract should not exceed 0.5 of a standard A4 page. Appropriate formats are Microsoft Word (doc format, font size 12), Latex (tex-files, article style). By the beginning of the Conference, LOC plans to issue a book of abstracts of oral and poster presentations.


Oral talks

The duration of talks including the time for questions: about 40 minutes - for a plenary invited talk, 30 minutes - for a section talk, 20 minutes - for an oral talk. Upon the completion of the Conference program, the duration of talks can be corrected.

As quite a lot of oral talks are announced, the Organizing Committee could turn to some participants and ask them to replace their oral talks with poster presentations. We kindly request the participants to treat such offers with understanding.


Poster presentations

The number of poster presentations is unlimited, although we ask the participants to register them. The unregistered poster presentations will not be allowed and published in Proceedings.


Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the conference will be published as a Volume of ASP Conference Series. The Organizing Committee kindly ask the participants to submit their theses not later than February, 2017. Approximately, text sizes should not exceed (in the ASPC style): for a plenary talk - 16 pages, for an invited section talk - 12 pages, an oral one - 8 pages, and a poster presentation - 4 pages. LOC requests the authors to start preparing their thesis, the typography requirements and style files will be uploaded in the Conference website at the earliest possible time.

LOC Chairman, Iosif Romanyuk