Syntax and semantics of logical systems
  A.I. Kokorin  
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Syntax and semantics of logical systems
 Ali Ivanovich Kokorin
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Ali Ivanovich Kokorin was born on November 15, 1929 in Sverdlovsk. After graduating from military school he served in the Soviet Army in the Far East. Demobilized in 1954, he worked at Uralmash and studied at the correspondence department of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Ural University. After graduating from university in 1960 A.I. Kokorin worked as an assistant, then as a senior lecturer in the Sverdlovsk branch of the SIST at the department of higher mathematics. In 1964, he defended his thesis and, having passed through the competition, began working as a senior lecturer (and since 1965 as an assistant professor) in the department of algebra and mathematical logic of Novosibirsk State University.

Even these dry data show how unusual the fate of Ali Ivanovich was, what a non-trivial person he was. Personnel officer, worker, chess coach, math teacher. After graduating from university in 30 years, he became a candidate of science at the age of 34. In 1969, Kokorin created the Department of Algebra and Logic at Irkutsk University, which he directed until his last days. He had tremendous courage and will. Despite the terrible affliction that tormented him and rapidly selected forces, he read lectures and worked with graduate students until his last days. Ali Ivanovich died on October 22, 1987.

The ability to create a scientific school is a rather rare and significant gift. The concept of "critical masses" means a lot in science. It is much easier to work in large research teams. If the group is small, then everything rests on the energy charge of the leader. Kokorin possessed such an energy charge with interest. He had a powerful intuition to accurately guess new ways of developing mathematics and to direct students' research.

A.I. Kokorin published about 60 scientific papers. Among them – 3 key works, which reflect the main directions of scientific research in the Kokorin school. Firstly, this book is “Linearly ordered groups”, which was written jointly with V.M. Kopytov and published in 1972 in the “Modern Algebra” series, and in 1974 was published abroad in English. The second work is a review "Questions of solvability of extended theories", created jointly with A. Pinus and published in the journal "Uspekhi Matematicheskikh Nauk". Finally, the article "The use of computers in solving known problems in algebra," written jointly by V.V. Bludov, marked the transition to a new direction of research, connecting algebra and logic with computers. In recent years, Ali Ivanovich dealt a lot with Russian history and religion.

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