Putting A Stars into Context: Evolution, Environment, and Related Stars
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Putting A Stars into Context: Evolution, Environment, and Related Stars

Monday, June 3
10:00-10:25Welcome addressess
Chair: Elizabeth Griffin
10:25-11:00Overview introductory talkJohn D. LandstreetCanada
11:00-11:30Coffee break
Session 1: A-star formation
1a. Big clouds to open clusters
11:30-12:05I1.1.Chemically peculiar tepid stars in the Milky Way and beyondMartin NetopilAustria
12:05-12:40I1.2.Elemental abundances in open cluster A-type and related starsLuca FossatiGermany
12:40-13:00C1.1.Spectral Analysis of the Early Type Members of the Open Cluster M6: Preliminary ResultsTolgahan KilicogluTurkey
1b. Small clouds to stars
Chair: Igor Savanov
14:30-15:05I1.3.Discs around A-type and related starsVladimir GrininRussia
15:05-15:25C1.2.Herschel DEBRIS survey of debris discs around A starsNathalie ThureauUnited Kingdom
15:25-16:15Coffee break & poster viewing session
16:15-16:50I1.4.Accretion discs around magnetic starsCaroline D'AngeloThe Netherlands
16:50-17:25I1.5.Planets around A starsDavid MkrtichianThailand
17:25-17:55Coffee break
Tuesday, June 4
Chair: Nikolai Piskunov
09:30-10:05I1.6.Multiplicity of A-type and related starsPierre NorthSwitzerland
10:05-10:25C1.3.A Stars in the Context of (Long-Period) BinariesElizabeth GriffinCanada
1c. Magnetic field generation
10:25-11:00I1.7.Magnetic fields in Herbig Ae/Be starsEvelyne AlecianFrance
11:00-11:30Coffee break
11:30-12:05I1.8.Generation and evolution of stable stellar magnetic fieldsRainer ArltGermany
12:05-12:40I1.9.The protostar merger scenario of Ap star magnetic field generationHerbert LauGermany
12:40-13:00C1.4.The rotation-binarity connection in Ap stars and its implications for the origin of their magnetic fieldsGautier MathysChile
Session 2: Properties of A-type stars
Chair: Olga Pintado
14:30-15:05I2.1.Determinations of fundamental parameters of (chemically peculiar) A stars through optical interferometryKarine PerrautFrance
15:05-15:40I2.2.Recent results and current challenges in normal and chemically peculiar A-star model atmospheresDenis ShulyakGermany
15:40-16:00C2.1.Influence of Departures from LTE on Oxygen and Calcium Abundance Determination in A-K type starsTatyana SitnovaRussia
16:00-16:50Coffee break & poster viewing session
16:50-17:25I6.4.Non-LTE studies of A supergiantsNorbert PrzybillaGermany
17:25-18:00I2.3.Simultaneous mapping of chemical abundances and magnetic field structure in Ap starsTheresa LueftingerAustria
18:00-18:20C2.2.The study of evolutionary changes in intermediate mass magnetic CP stars across the HR diagramEvgeny SemenkoRussia
Wednesday, June 5
Chair: Richard Monier
9:30-10:05I2.4.Element spots in HgMn starsHeidi KorhonenDenmark
10:05-10:25C2.3.Elemental Abundance Analysis of The Marginal Am Star 15 VulpeculaAysegul TekerTurkey
10:25-11:00I2.5.The origin of light variability in Ap starsJiri KrtickaCzech Republic
11:00-11:30Coffee break
11:30-12:05I2.6.Vertical abundance gradients in Ap-star atmospheresTatyana RyabchikovaRussia
Session 3: Rotation and hydrodynamics of A-type and related stars
12:05-12:40I3.1.Time-dependent diffusion and abundance stratification in A- and B-type stars (with and without mass-loss)John D. LandstreetCanada
12:40-13:00C3.1.Dragging helium out in the main sequence B-starsEugenij StaritsinRussia
13:00-13:35I3.2.A-star rotationFrédéric RoyerFrance
15:00Departure by bus for Moskva river cruise tour
16:00-19:00Moskva river cruise tour
Thursday, June 6
Chair: Jaymie Matthews
9:30-10:05I3.3.Ap stars with variable rotation periodsZdenek MikulasekCzech Republic
Session 4: Pulsation of A-type and related stars
10:05-10:40I4.1.A- and B-type star pulsations in the Kepler and CoRoT era: observational resultsKatrien UytterhoevenSpain
10:40-11:15I4.2.A- and B-type star pulsations in the Kepler and CoRoT era: theoretical considerationsHydeyuki SaioJapan
11:15-11:45Coffee break
11:45:12:05C4.1.LSD-based analysis of high-resolution stellar spectraVadim TsymbalUkraine
12:05-12:40I4.3.Observational studies of roAp starsMikhail SachkovRussia
12:40-13:15I4.4.Stochastic oscillations in A-type and related starsVictoria AntociDenmark
13:15-13:35C4.2.A new class of low amplitude periodic variable A and late-B starsNami MowlaviSwitzerland
Session 5: Magnetic fields from O to early F stars
Chair: Natalia Drake
15:05-15:40I5.1.Magnetic fields in O starsYael NazeBelgium
15:40-16:15I5.2.Magnetic fields in beta Cep, SPB and Be starsMarkus SchoellerGermany
16:15-17:15Coffee break & poster viewing session
17:15-17:50I5.3.Recent results and current challenges in observations of Ap/Bp star magnetic fieldsIosif RomanyukRussia
17:50-18:10C5.1.Magnetic fields of Ap stars from the full Stokes vector spectropolarimetric observationsNaum RusomarovSweden
18:10-18:30C5.2.Magnetic personalities of A stars revealed by the MOST microsatJaymie MatthewsCanada
Friday, June 7
Chair: Gautier Mathys
09:30-10:05I5.4.Magnetic fields in A stars besides Ap starsOleg KochukhovSweden
10:05-10:40I6.1.Descendants of magnetic and non-magnetic A-type and related starsFrancois LignieresFrance
10:40-11:15I5.5.Non-pulsational variability of A- and B-type stars as observed by KeplerLuis BalonaSouth Africa
11:15-11:45Coffee break
11:45-12:20I5.6.X-ray emission of Ap stars and of other A starsJan RobradeGermany
12:20-12:55I5.7.Bp star magnetospheresAsif ud-DoulaUSA
Session 6: A-stars at post-main-sequence stages
Chair: Kazimierz Stepien
14:30-15:05I6.2.White dwarf magnetic fieldsGennady ValyavinRussia
15:05-15:40I6.5.A supergiants in the Local Group of galaxies and beyondMiguel UrbanejaUSA
15:40-16:10Coffee break
16:10-17:15Summary talk and closing discussionCharles CowleyUSA
17:15Conference closing


List of posters

P1 Alexeeva S.A., Mashonkina L.I., Non-local thermodynamic equilibrium line formation for C I - C II in the atmospheres of A-G-type stars

P2 Al-Hawi O., Bikmaev I., Melnikov S., Bikmaeva M., Sakhibullin N., Chemical composition of the sample of 15 normal and peculiar A-F-stars

P3 Butkovskaya V., Magnetic field of Vega

P4 Bychkov V.D., Bychkova L.V., Madej J., On the periodical variability of the longitudinal magnetic fields of stars

P5 Castaneda D., Deupree R.G., C.Ian Short, Internal Angular Momentum Distribution of the A5 III star α Oph

P6 Cowley C. R., Hubrig S., The spectrum and abundances of the high-latitude HAe star PDS2

P7 Drake N., Hubrig S., Schoeller M., Ilyin I., Establishing the link between HgMn and PGa stars

P8 Galeev I., Bikmaev I., Shimansky V., GSC4813-0981 is the new low-amplitude delta Scuti star with variable amplitude

P9 Gebran M., Monier R., Royer F., Lobel A., Blomme A., Microturbulence in A/Am Am/Fm stars

P10 Holdsworth D., Smalley B., Asteroseismology with SuperWASP - Rapidly Varying A-type Stars

P11 Hou Wen, Determination of atmospheric parameters of A-type stars for relative flux calibration

P12 Hubrig S., Schoeller M., Ilyin I., G. Lo Curto, HARPS spectropolarimetry of O and B-type stars

P13 Karitskaya E.A., Bochkarev N.G., Do Brightness Spots on Cyg X-1 Supergiant Exist?

P14 Kholtygin A.F., Hubrig S., Drake N.A., Sudnik N.P., Dushin V.V., Statistics of the magnetic fields of OBA stars

P15 Krtička J., Wind mass-loss rates in main-sequence B stars

P16 Li Yinbi, A-li Luo, Yuqin Chen, Wen Hou, A-color star classification with line index and a new continuum evaluation method

P17 Lignières, F., Jouve, L., Gastine, T., Gaurat, M., A scenario for the lower bound of Ap magnetic fields

P18 Netzer N., Radiative transfer and the dynamics of the stellar outer layers

P19 Piskunov N., Titarenko A., Ryabchikova T., Pakhomov Yu., Nizamov B., Methodology of measurements of fundamental parameters and associated uncertainties for middle and cool main-sequence stars

P20 Prvak M., Krtička J., Mikulášek Z., Lüftinger T., Liška J., Modelling of the variability of the CP star phi Dra

P21 Rojas M.M., Drake N.A., Chavero C., Pereira C.B., Kholtygin A.F., Cahuasqui J.A., Abundances for planet-hosting and debris-disk stars

P22 Royer F., Gebran M., Monier R., Hill G., Gulliver A., Adelman S., Smalley B., Pintado O., Reiners A., Normal low vsini A0-A1 stars

P23 Savanov I.S., Romanyuk I.I., Semenko E.A., Dmitrienko E.S., Long-term variability of the magnetic field of the Ap star gamma Equ

P24 Shulyak D., Paladini C., Li Causi G., Sacuto S., Kochukhov O., Interferometry of CP stars: how far can we go?

P25 Steffen M., Hubrig S., Todt H., Schoeller M., Sandin C., Hamann W.-R., Schoenberner D., Detection of weak magnetic fields in central stars of planetary nebula

P26 Wahlgren, G.M., Bohlender, D., Emission line variability in the HgMn star 11 Per

P27 Yakunin I., Wade G., Bohlender D., Marcolino W., Kochuckov O., Grunhut J., Monin D., Shultz M. & MiMeS collaboration, Magnetic Doppler Imaging of the slowly-rotating magnetic He-strong star HD 184927

P28 Yüce K., Adelman S. J., On the Properties of Non-Magnetic Peculiar B, A, and Early F Type Stars

P29 Polosukhina N., Shulyak D., Shavrina A., Lyashko D., Drake N., Glagolevsky Y., Kudryavtsev D., Smirnova M., Doppler Imaging mapping of four roAp stars with anomaously high Li abundance