Putting A Stars into Context: Evolution, Environment, and Related Stars
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Putting A Stars into Context: Evolution, Environment, and Related Stars

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Putting A Stars into Context: Evolution, Environment, and Related Stars,

June 3-7, 2013
Moscow, Russia

We remind all potential participants that the deadline for registration and submission of abstracts is April 1, 2013.


To register for the meeting and submit your abstract, please, point your browser to http://agora.guru.ru/astars2013/ and follow the instructions

The registration fee covers all regular meeting costs including abstract book, welcome party, coffee breaks, conference banquet, Moskva-river cruise tour, and classical music concert. Full conference registration costs 280 Euros (11 300 Rubles). Participants who pay the registration fee before April 1, 2013, benefit from a discount of 30 Euros. Payments can be made via credit card.


Overview introductory talk (John D. Landstreet)

Session 1: A-star formation

1a. Big clouds to open clusters
Invited talks:
1.1. Chemically peculiar tepid stars in the Milky Way and beyond (Martin Netopil)
1.2. Elemental abundances in open cluster A-type and related stars (Luca Fossati)

1b. Small clouds to stars
Invited talks:
1.3. Discs around A-type and related stars (Helmut Abt)
1.4. Accretion discs around magnetic stars (Caroline D'Angelo)
1.5. Planets around A stars (David Mkrtichian)
1.6. Distant sub-stellar companions of A-type and related stars
1.7. Multiplicity of A-type and related stars (Pierre North)

1c. Magnetic field generation
Invited talks:
1.8. Magnetic fields in Herbig Ae/Be stars (Evelyne Alecian)
1.9. Generation and evolution of stable stellar magnetic fields (Rainer Arlt)
1.10. The protostar merger scenario of Ap star magnetic field generation (Lilia Ferrario)

Session 2: Properties of A-type stars
Invited talks:
2.1. Determinations of fundamental parameters of (chemically peculiar) A stars through optical interferometry (Karine Perraut)
2.2. Recent results and current challenges in normal and chemically peculiar A-star model atmospheres (Denis Shulyak)
2.3. Simultaneous mapping of chemical abundances and magnetic field structure in Ap stars (Theresa Lueftinger)
2.4. Element spots in HgMn stars (Heidi Korhonen)
2.5. The origin of light variability in Ap stars (Jiri Krticka)
2.6. Vertical abundance gradients in Ap-star atmospheres (Tatyana Ryabchikova)

Session 3: Rotation and hydrodynamics of A-type and related stars
Invited talks:
3.1. Time-dependent diffusion and abundance stratification in A- and B-type stars(with and without mass-loss)
3.2. A-star rotation (Frederic Royer)
3.3. Ap stars with variable rotation periods (Zdenek Mikulasek)
3.4. Rotation and hydrodynamical processes in upper main-sequence stars (Stephane Mathis)

Session 4: Pulsation of A-type and related stars
Invited talks:
4.1. A- and B-type star pulsations in the Kepler and CoRoT era: observational results (Katrien Uytterhoeven)
4.2. A- and B-type star pulsations in the Kepler and CoRoT era: theoretical considerations (Hideyuki Saio)
4.3. Observational studies of roAp stars (Mikhail Sachkov)
4.4. Stochastic oscillations in A-type and related stars (Victoria Antoci)

Session 5: Magnetic fields from O to early F stars
Invited talks:
5.1. Magnetic fields in O stars
5.2. Magnetic fields in beta Cep, SPB and Be stars
5.3. Recent results and current challenges in observations of Ap/Bp star magnetic fields (Iosif Romanyuk)
5.4. Magnetic fields in A stars besides Ap stars (Oleg Kochukhov)
5.5. Non-pulsational variability of A- and B-type stars as observed by Kepler (Luis Balona)
5.6. X-ray emission of Ap stars and of other A stars (Jan Robrade)
5.7. Bp star magnetospheres (Asif ud-Doula)

Session 6: A-stars at post-main-sequence stages
Invited talks:
6.1. Descendants of magnetic and non-magnetic A-type and related stars
6.2. White dwarf magnetic fields (Gennady Valyavin)
6.3. A-type blue stragglers
6.4. Horizontal-Branch A stars
6.5. Non-LTE studies of A supergiants (Maria-Fernanda Nieva)
6.6. A supergiants in the Local Group of galaxies and beyond (Miguel Urbaneja)

Summary talk and closing discussion (Charles Cowley)

Invited Speakers (confirmed):

Helmut Abt, Evelyne Alecian, Victoria Antoci, Rainer Arlt, Luis Balona, Charles Cowley, Caroline D'Angelo, Lilia Ferrario, Luca Fossati, Oleg Kochukhov, Heidi Korhonen, Jiri Krticka, John D. Landstreet, Theresa Lueftinger, Stephane Mathis, Zdenek Mikulasek, David Mkrtichian, Martin Netopil, Maria-Fernanda Nieva, Pierre North, Karine Perraut, Jan Robrade, Iosif Romanyuk, Frederic Royer, Tatyana Ryabchikova, Mikhail Sachkov, Hideyuki Saio, Denis Shulyak, Asif ud-Doula, Miguel Urbaneja, Katrien Uytterhoeven, Gennady Valyavin

Abstract submission

Contributed talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts, and there will also be a poster session.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Gautier Mathys (chair), Maryline Briquet, Margarida Cunha, Oleg Kochukhov, Friedrich Kupka, Francis LeBlanc, Lyudmila Mashonkina, Richard Monier, Olga Pintado, Hiromoto Shibahashi, Kazimierz Stepien, Glenn Wahlgren