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Moscow Summer School 2009
Economic Growth: Mathematical Dimensions
 Social Program


Moscow is a heart of Russia. It is not only a capital and the largest city in Europe – since hundreds years Moscow has been a cultural, business and scientific center of Russia. The Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the Red Square, the "Seven Sisters", the Ostankino Tower and other historical places situated in Moscow are known from all parts of the world. Museums and galleries, theatres and concerts are available for people coming to Moscow. There is a vibrant night life in Moscow – young people can choose jazz, house, latino night clubs, bars and restaurants located in the downtown of Moscow.

Moscow is a very green city – there are 96 parks and 18 gardens in Moscow, including 4 botanical gardens. Moscow lies in the continental climate zone, therefore the summer is comfortably warm with typical temperature around 22 C (72 F).

Click here to find more information about Moscow.

We offer three thematic bus excursions over Moscow to the EGMD participants.

  1. Noble Moscow (11 July 2009)

    You will see the Arbat Square and will hear a story about how the noble settlements were originating in Moscow. You will visit the Old Arbat and adjoint streets, the palaces of famous Russians – a philosopher A. Gerzen, a writer S. Aksakov, a politician P. Vyazemskiy, the apartment of the most famous Russian poet A. Pushkin, a few old churches etc.

  2. Romanov’s Moscow (18 July 2009)

    You will visit the places important for the history of the Romanovs – the Russian tzar family: Zaryadie, Novospassky Monastery, Lefortovo palace, Marfo-Mariinskiy cloister, Nikolay’s railway station, the palace of boyars Romanovs, Ismaylovo and will see the Kremlin panorama.

  3. Moscow – an ancient capital of Russia (25 July 2009)

    You will learn basic landmarks of the historical past of Moscow – the history and architecture of the ancient Moscow, its monuments and sights, traditions and way of life. You will also learn how the city ensemble as well as its fortification, circle plan has been created, how the importance of Moscow for Russia has been growing up. You will visit main sights of the Red Square, China Town, one of the oldest places in Moscow – Zaryadie and Novodevichiy monastery.

All excursions are covered by the Organizing Committee.

All excursions start at 15:00 each Saturday from the east exit of the MSU Main Building. See the details in the EGMD timetable.

All EGMD participants are welcome to participate!

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