B.V. Kukarkin Centenary Conference: Variable Stars, the Galactic Halo and Galaxy formation
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B.V. Kukarkin Centenary Conference: Variable Stars, the Galactic Halo and Galaxy formation

There are citizens of Austria, Belgium, Chile, Hungary, India, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Venezuela among the registered participants. Subjects of these and some other countries need visas to enter the Russian Federation. If you are not sure if you need a visa, please contact a Russian consulate in your country. To guarantee getting your visa in time and without problems, the Local Organizing Committee of the conference will be happy to provide you visa support. Those interested to get the visa support are asked to send the LOC an image of the first page of their passport by fax (+74959328841) or, as a scanned image, by e-mail to
Besides, please let us know the following personal data (if not obvious from the first page of your passport).

1. The expected date of your entering Russian Federation.
2. The expected date of your departure from Russian Federation.
3. Cities you are going to visit is Russian Federation (besides Zvenigorod and Moscow, if any). Please notice that other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (like Ukraine) are independent states, and a visit to any of them during your stay in Russia (with subsequent return to Russia on your way home) will necessitate your application for a multi-entry visa.
4. Your date of birth.
5. Gender.
6. Country of citizenship.
7. The state where you were born.
8. Birth place.
9. State of residence.
10. Region of residence.
11. The city where you will apply for your visa to a Russian consulate.
12. Affiliation (complete name of your institution).
13. Complete institutional address.
14. Your position at your affiliation.
15. Passport No.
16. Date of issue of the passport.
17. Expiration date of the passport.

Please note that the passport should not expire earlier than 6 months after the end of your visit to Russia.
The LOC kindly asks you to send us the required information and the image of the passport page as soon as possible, and definitely before August 1.