International Conference
Differential Equations, Mathematical Modeling and Computational Algorithms

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The conference will be organized at the Belgorod State National Research University (NRU "BSU"), one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. Belgorod is a city and administrative center of Oblast region, western Russia. Located near the Russia-Ukraine border, Belgorod lies along the upper Seversky Donets River where it is crossed by the Moscow-Kharkiv (Ukraine) and Sumy–Donets Basin railways. Archaeological finds indicate the existence of a settlement on the site in the 10th century. First mentioned in 1237, it was founded in 1593 as a fortress, becoming the key stronghold in the elaborate Belgorod defensive line set up in 1635–58 to protect Russia’s southern frontier against nomads attack. It maintained its military and administrative significance until the late 18th century.

Mathematical research at NRU BelSU is conducted at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Modeling of the Institute of Engineering and Digital Technologies and the Center of Applied Mathematics. Research topics include many modern sections of mathematics and its applications.

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