International scientific conference
Parallel Computational Technologies 2012

Conditions of participation
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"Parallel computational technologies (PCT) 2013" conference is held in National Research South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk.

Host for trip registration: FSSFEI HPE "South Ural State University" (NRU), Chelyabinsk.

Please fill the "Need a written invitation?" field in Application with "yes" to receive an official invitation at the conference check-in.
Please send an e-mail to if you need an official invitation for business trip registration. The e-mail has to contain the full name of the participant who needs the invitation. The scanned copy of the invitation will be sent you by e-mail. You will receive the original invitation at the conference check-in.

To participate in the conference you should:

  • issue the contract and acceptance certificate (in duplicate) by March 15th;
  • pay the 1,800 rubles registration fee (including VAT);
  • book a hotel (for foreign participants) by March 1st;
  • pay for a hotel in cash at the hotel check-in (for foreign participants).

    Contract and certificate issue
    By March 15th the contract and the certificate of completion (sample: contract.doc) in duplicate should be filled, signed by the head of the organization, sealed and sent in scanned copies to The e-mail has to contain the full name of the participant. You should bring the original of the contract (in duplicate) and the acceptance certificate (in duplicate) to the conference and give them to the Organizing Committee at the conference check-in. You will receive the signed original contract, acceptance certificate and invoice at the second day of the conference.

    Registration fee payment can be made:

  • in cash at the conference check-in;
  • by Sberbank transfer;
  • by bank transfer from the organization account.

    Please use the sample receipt (receipt.doc) to make fee payment through Sberbank. The scanned copy of the receipt with the payment completion mark should be sent to

    Please request an invoice by sending an email to if you want to pay through the organization account. The scanned copy of the payment order should be sent to

    The proof of registration fee payment is:

  • a payment receipt with the Sberbank completion mark (the registration fee is paid by Sberbank transfer);
  • a copy of the payment order (the registration fee payment is made through the organization).

    You can find the detailed instructions on booking a hotel in the Venue section.