UV Universe - 2010
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UV Universe - 2010


Dear Colleagues,

As it was decided during the conference, no conference proceedings will be published but author papers will be collected in Astrophysics & Space Science special issue and they will undergo the standard refereeing process.

After conversations with some authors and the editor, we have decided to extent the page limits for all papers to 8 pages; 6 pages is the recommended minimum page limit.

The deadline for submission of articles is October 15 2010. This is an important deadline which allows only a few weeks for the editors to ensure that all papers are refereed and revised in time for final delivery to Ap&SS and a timely publication early in 2011.

All authors should use the set of instructions to authors and the Ap&SS LaTeX style file which are available from the Ap&SS home page:
All figures should be in Postscript format.

Papers should be submitted via the Editorial manager at
Referee reports will be made available here, and revised versions of papers should also be submitted via the Editorial Manager. When submitting a paper, you should select the correct article type by choosing "special issue UV Astronomy. Astrophysics and Instrumentation".

Some authors asked about reference on the WSO-UV project paper.
Please use the following:

Shustov, B., Sachkov, M., Gomez de Castro, A. I., et al.:
Astrophys. Space Science, 320, pp. 187(2009)

We would like to thank authors who have just uploaded their papers.