UV Universe - 2010
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UV Universe - 2010
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17:00- 20:00 Welcome party (a glass of wine and light snacks) and registration to the conference at the “Imperator” restaurant (at the same building as the Meeting location)


09:00-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:15 Opening words

Stellar physics and evolution

Chair: B.Shustov

10:15-10:45 GALEX and star formation, L.Bianchi
10:45-11:00 Mining the GALEX spectroscopic database E. Bertone
11:00-11:30 NASA Swift UVOT observations of supernovae: ideas for WSO P.Milne

11.30-12.00 Coffee break. Poster session.

12:00-12:15 UV line profiles as a probe for atomic diffusion theory in stellar atmospheres T.Ryabchikova
12:15-12:30 Detailed chemical composition of stars with large proper motions on the spectra in ground-based UV V.Panchuk
12:30-12:45 ISSIS and the pursuit of local group blue massive stars M. Garcia
12:45-13:00 Origin and evolution of the Gould Belt, and a future ultraviolet view P.Sestito
13:00-13:15 Single-binary star separation by ultraviolet color-indices diagrams O.Malkov
13:15-13:30 UV observations of sdB stars I.Savanov

13:30-15:00 Lunch

Chair: L.Bianchi

15:00-15:30 Young stars A.I.Gomez de Castro and S.Lamzin
15:30-15:45 The most luminous B supergiants I.Negueruela
15:45-16:00 Atmospheric parameters of the B-supergiant HD 198478 from the UV spectra T.Jurkic
16:00-16:15 Criteria for the spectral classification of normal and young B stars in UV A.Kurchakov

16:15-17:00 Coffee break. Poster session.

17:00-17:30 The critical role of UV and EUV spectroscopy in the study of white dwarf evolution M.Barstow
17:30-17:45 UV spectroscopy of the exciting star of the planetary nebula NGC 246 T. Rauch
17:45-18:00 HST COS observations of the hot bare stellar core H1504+65 Werner K.
18:00-18:30 Gaseous flow structure in close binary stars D.Bisikalo



Chair: K. Werner

10:00-10:30 Cosmic Origins Spectrograph: on orbit performance and lessons learned S.Osterman
10:30-11:00 Early science results from the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph C.Froning
11:00-11:15 10 years of the optical-UV monitor on board XMM-Newton A.Talavera
11:15-11:30 A UV space telescope based on diffraction focusing L.Koechlin, A.I. Gomez de Castro et al.

11:30-12:00 Coffee break. Poster session.

12:00-12:30 World Space Observatory-Ultraviolet among UV missions of the coming years B.Shustov, M.Sachkov et al.
12:30-12:45 ISSIS an instrument for high sensitivity imaging in the UV A.I.Gomez de Castro, Alejandro Brana et al
12:45-13:00 New developments of the World Space Observatory UV spectrographs (WUVS)N. Kappelmann
13:00-13:30 TAUVEX: status report Noah Brosch

13:30-15:00 Lunch


Chair: M.Barstow

15:00-15:30 Planetary atmospheres V.Shematovich
15:30-15:45 Characterization of auroral FUV emissions : from Jupiter to hot Jupiters H.Menager
15:45-16:00 HST-COS observations of the transiting exoplanetary system HD209458b K.France et al.

Excursion to Pulkovo Observatory


10:30 - Half day excursion
19:00 Conference dinner



A.I.Gomez de Castro

10:00-10:30 Ultraviolet dayglow and aurora in planetary upper atmospheres Jean-Claude Gérard
10:30-11:00 Energetic hydrogen and hydrogen cloud formation around HD 209458b H. Lammer et al.
11:00-11:15 PLATO and possible UV follow-up Pagano I. et al.

11:00-11.30 Coffee break. Poster session.


11:30-12:00 UV radiation in galaxies O.Silchenko
12:00-12:30 The Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX): exploring Galaxy evolution and the UV Universe C.Martin
12:30-12:45 Tracing the secular evolution of early-type galaxies with GALEX R.Rampazzo
12:45-13:00 Intergalactic dust: pro and contra Yu. Shchekinov, B.Nath
13:00-13:15 Carbon ionization states and the cosmic far-UV background with HEII absorption E.Vasiliev, Biman Nath

13:15-15:00 Lunch

Chair: Yu.Gnedin

15:00-15:30 Understanding Physical Processes ion the Diffuse ISM Using
High-Resolution UV Spectroscopy J.Linsky
15:30-16:00 Polarization of AGN in UV spectral range Yu.N.Gnedin

16:00-16:45 Coffee break. Poster session.

16:45-17:00 The baryons in the low Z Universe A.Ivanchik
17:00-17:30 Synthesis of old stellar populations at UV wavelengths M.Chavez
17:30-17:45 A UV-optical survey of the North celestial cap E.Gorbikov
17:45-18:00 WFPC2 FUV imaging of Galactic open clusters Jesus Maiz Apellaniz
18:00-18:15 UV properties of type IA supernova and their host galaxies Brad Tucker
18:15-19.00 Closing ceremony


  1. WSO and the winds of massive stars M. Garcia Garcia
  2. UV view of HMXRBS: actual state and perspectives for WSO-UV Blay P.
  3. Gap formation in a protoplanetary disc around a binary star Kaygorodov P.V., Bisikalo D.V., Fateeva A.M., Sytov A.Yu.
  4. Ground based UV spectroscopy of hot stars at different evolution stages Klochkova V., Chentsov E., Panchuk V., Kipper T., Tavolganskaya N., Yushkin M.
  5. UV-controlled physical and chemical structure of protoplanetary disks Akimkin V.V., Pavlyuchenkov Ya.N., Vasyunin A.I., Wiebe D.S., Henning Th.
  6. Spectral and photometric observations of two symbiotics HR 1105 AND V471 PER Kondratyeva L., Rspaev F.
  7. Synchronous high speed UBVRI - photometry of the close binary system WZ SGE during its 2001 superoutburst Dmitrienko E.S.
  8. A study of the outburst activity of the classic symbiotic star Z And in 2000-2010, N.Tomov, D.Bisikalo, M.Tomova, E Kilpio
  9. WSO-UV Master Catalogue. Experimental verification of the photometric system A.S. Shugarov, N.V. Chupina, A.E. Piskunov, N.V. Kharchenko
  10. Time allocation scheme for the WSO-UV mission O.Malkov, M.Sachkov, B.Shustov, P.Kaigorodov, F.J.Yanez, A.I. Gomez de Castro
  11. The GALEX Public Science Data Archive @ MAST Alberto Conti (STScI), Luciana Bianchi (JHU), Bernie Shiao (STScI), et al.
  12. UV transit observations of M-dwarf Earth-like exoplanets: studing the star-planet interaction |Hц|H. Lammer et al.
  13. The neutrinos background and ultraviolet Mychelkin E.G., Denisyuk E.K.
  14. The starforming cascade in M17 and ultravioletDzhakusheva K.G., Mychelkin E.G.
  15. Galactic spiral density wave parameters on young objectsBajkova A.T., Bobylev V.V., Stepanishchev A.S.
  16. NGC 4262: Б Virgo galaxy with an extended ultraviolet ring Buson L.
  17. Gravitationally lensed QSOs in the ISSIS/WSO-UV era L.Goicoechea
  18. An obscured cluster associated with the HII region RCW173 M.Amparo, I.Negueruela
  19. Molecule sublimation and photodissociation around HII regions Kirsanova M., Wiebe D., Akimkin V.
  20. AGN in UV light: testing the models of matter outflow E.Y. VilkoviskijS.N. Yefimov
  21. Variation of dust size distribution transported into IGM Shaginyan A.
  22. Dynamics of galaxies cluster in the WSO-UV project Chechin L.
  23. Resonance Radiation of Overdense Stars Based on Three-Particles Mechanism N.Zh. Takibayev, M. Takibayeva
  24. A census of hot White Dwarfs in the Milky Way from the GALEX surveys L. Bianchiet al.
  25. Tracing rejuvenation events in nearby lenticular galaxies A. Marino, L. Bianchi, R. Rampazzoet al.
  26. Young Stellar Populations in the Local Group: an HST and GALEX comprehensive study L. Bianchiet al.