The 7th International Computer Science Symposium in Russia
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The 7th International Computer Science Symposium in Russia
CTCrypt 2012 Papers

CTCrypt’2012 Accepted Papers

  1. Mikhail Glukhov. Analysis of a Certain Signature Scheme. (Invited paper) (Abstract in Russian)
  2. Alexandr Nechaev, Alexandr Abornev. Nonliear Permutations of a Space Over a Finite Field Induced by Linear Transformations of a Module Over a Galois Ring (Invited paper) (Abstract)
  3. Vladimir Anashin, Tatiana Lipina. P-adic Methods in Automata Theory (Abstract)
  4. Andrey Dmukh, Grigory Marshalko. Understanding Collision Search (Abstract)
  5. Mikhail Goltvanitca, Alexandr Nechaev, Sergey Zaitcev. Skew LRS of Maximal Period Over Galois Rings (Abstract)
  6. Sergey Grebnev, Andrey Dmukh, Denis Dygin, Dmitry Matyukhin, Vladimir Rudskoy and Vasily Shishkin. Asymmetric Reply to SHA-3: Russian Hash Function Draft Standard (Abstract)
  7. Sergey Grebnev and Denis Dygin. Efficient implementation of the GOST R 34.10 Digital Signature Scheme Using Modern Approaches to Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication (Abstract)
  8. Denis Kryskov. Lim-Lee Precomputed Exponentiation Fixed and Optimized (Abstract)
  9. Pavel Lebedev. Implementation of Streebog Cryptographic Hash Function Family on NVIDIA CUDA Platform (Abstract)
  10. Grigory Marshalko, Alexey Pokrovskiy. Further Results on the Security of MQ_DRBG (Abstract)
  11. Alexey Nesterenko. Key Transport Protocol Based on Hybrid Encryption Scheme (Abstract)
  12. Marina Pudovkina, Georgy Khoruzhenko. On Classes of Weak Keys of the Generalized PRINT Cipher (Abstract)
  13. Marina Pudovkina, Georgy Khoruzhenko. Related-key Attacks on the Full GOST Block Cipher with 12 Related Keys (Abstract)
  14. Vladimir Rudskoy, Andrey Dmukh. Algebraic and Differential Cryptanalysis of GOST: Fact or Fiction (Abstract)
  15. Andrew Zubkov, Vasily Kruglov. On the Distribution of Weight Spectra of Random Linear Binary Codes (Abstract)
  16. Andrew Zubkov, Alexander Serov. Testing Properties of Boolean Mappings (Abstract)

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